Wednesday, 16th May 2012

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Model role for The Convent

Mayor Julio Alcantara will be unveiling a model of The Convent at the Gibraltar Museum as part of Gibraltar’s participation in International Museums Day, this Friday.

The model was commissioned by former Mayor Solomon Levy and journalist Joe Garcia as a gift to the then Governor, Sir William Jackson. It was produced by the late Charles Anes and the entire façade is made of marble. In turn, Sir William bequeathed the model to the people of Gibraltar, in his will.

The present-day Governor’s residence started life as a Convent of Franciscan Friars. Situated in what was then an area where the poorer people lived, called ‘la Turba’, it remained a Friary until 1728, when it became the official residence of the Governor.

For the tenth year running, Gibraltar Museum will be joining museums all over the world for this year’s International Museums’ Day.



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