Friday, 18th May 2012

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Drugs smugglers using ‘Santeria’ arrested

The Guardia Civil has arrested a gang of drug smugglers that used ritual magic to guide them in their clandestine operations.

The gang relied on in-house Santeria “witches” to advise on whether drug runs would succeed or not.

Sometimes smuggling operations were aborted at the last minute on the word of the witches, with huge economic loss to the gang.

At least 21 people were arrested in the Campo de Gibraltar, Málaga and Almeria. Among them were nationals from Spain, Morocco, Rumania, Algeria and France.

The Guardia Civil officers also seized 2.8 tonnes of cannabis resin, as well as numerous vehicles, vessels and a substantial amount of equipment. Two firearms were also seized.

The gang was involved in shipping large amounts of cannabis resin across the Strait of Gibraltar and onwards to buyers in central Europe.



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