Friday, 21st September 2012

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Govt rejects ‘wiki-nobble’ claim

by Brian Reyes

The Gibraltar Government has dismissed claims that it had paid a high-profile Wikipedia contributor to raise the profile of articles about Gibraltar.

The claims were made in a number of internet forums and specialist publications, and were later picked up by mainstream media outlets in Spain.


The claims focused mainly on Roger Bamkin, who has played a prominent role in the development of the internet encyclopaedia.

Wikipedia relies on voluntary contributors to fill its pages. The criticism focused on whether the payments, if confirmed, were appropriate.

But a Government spokesman said there was no basis to the claims.

Mr Bamkin is working with the Government on the Gibraltarpedia project, which aims to set up Gibraltar’s own Wikipedia site. He said that was the extent of the relationship.

“We can confirm that Roger Bamkin, an ex-Director of Wikimedia UK, is one of two individuals who continue to provide advice on the production of the QR codes and training for volunteer contributors to Gibraltar’s Wikipedia site,” the spokesman told the Chronicle.

“These two individuals were also involved in Monmouth’s Wikipedia project.”

“The final agreement with them is being finalised and does not include them being paid to write or edit articles on Wikipedia.”

“A letter of intent between all parties was signed in June.”



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