Tuesday, 25th September 2012

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Signal Regt cover for Gib duties

Over 80 soldiers from the 10 signal regiment arrived in Gibraltar to replace Gibraltar based soldiers who are currently on exercise in Jebel Sahara.

The Regiment deals with the command and control of Information Communication Systems (ICS) to Land Command throughout mainland GB, ICS reaction forces for major national incidents, including Homeland Security and specialist ICS support to expeditionary operations.

While in Gibraltar the signalers will be participating in the guarding the Convent, taking part in military skills exercises and clearing out the gun pit of O’Hara’s Battery.

10 Signal Regiment have their Headquarters in Wiltshire and are the only regular Royal Signals regiment with 2 Signal Brigade. They consist of four Squadrons which are geographically dispersed throughout the UK, all having their own unique mission and role.

The signalers are here until the end of October when the Regiment returns.



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