Friday, 5th October 2012

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Lord Monckton challenges Al Gore to public debate in Gibraltar

by F Oliva

Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, the outspoken UK politician, public speaker and climate change science expert has challenged Al Gore to a public debate on global warming while he is in Gibraltar. Speaking to the Chronicle yesterday, Lord Monckton who is a published author with numerous works on scientific and economic theory to his name, has announced that he will be visiting Gibraltar coinciding with the Thinking Green seminar, to hold a press conference “without restrictions on questions or media access.”

Lord Monckton, a hereditarypeer who has been extremely critical of Al Gore since the screening of the film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ has spoken out against the former US vice president, accusing him of being “a global warming profiteer.”

He further states that Mr Gore “will not dare to accept the challenge, because by now he knows that what he has been saying is as false as the UK High Court found it to be in 2007, when the judge said: ‘The Armageddon scenario that he depicts is not based on any scientific view.’”

And Lord Monckton has asked the GSLP/Liberal Government “not to squander hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ pounds on subsidising the extravagant lifestyles of multi-millionaire ‘global warming’ profiteers such as Gore.”

Lord Monckton challenged Al Gore back in 2007 to a public debate on international television in front of an invited audience of leading scientists in climate and related fields from all sides of the debate.

The proposed venue then was the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, where TH Huxley and Bishop ‘Soapy Sam’ Wilberforce famously debated evolution in 1860.

Explaining the details of his 2007 challenge Lord Monckton said: “The challenge was inscribed on parchment and delivered to Al Gore’s CO2-spewing Tennessee mansion, where it was handed personally to the second under-footman. “However, I have had no reply from that day to this.”

Lord Monckton further stated that some years ago when the Republicans in the House of Representatives invited him to testify in response to Al Gore in front of the Energy and Commerce Committee, the Democrats refused to allow the Republicans their free choice of witness, and told them they could put up anyone but me against Gore”.

‘Propaganda rally’

He said: “A couple of years ago the Singaporean Government paid Gore US $300,000 for a single rambling 45-minute speech. Accordingly, it would be worth asking the environmental propaganda office of the Gibraltar Government how much they are paying Gore for his participation in the Thinking Green propaganda rally.

“It is regrettable that the Gibraltar Government is too frightened of the truth to allow both sides of the climate debate to be heard at the propaganda rally. If the event is not a debate, then it is propaganda, and every penny the Gibraltar government is spending on it is unlawfully spent”.

‘Inconvenient Truth’

Lord Monckton declared that he had drafted the scientific testimony to counter Al Gore’s film on the basis of which Mr. Justice Burton, in the High Court in London, found nine errors in Gore’s “mawkish, sci-fi comedy horror movie that were so serious that Gore’s backers in the British Government’s global warming propaganda unit were obliged to circulate 77 pages of corrective guidance to every school in England before the film could be shown to innocent schoolchildren.”

He said that Mr Gore’s “governmental supporters” were ordered to pay $500,000 in costs to the successful plaintiff, a lorry-driver from Dartford, Kent, who did not want his children exposed to what he called “lying Marxist propaganda”.

He continued: “As a result of that crushing defeat, Gore is no longer taken seriously. His credibility on the climate issue is nil. It is astonishing that the Gibraltar government should allow him to peddle his mendacious propaganda, and that it should deny the Press the opportunity to question


“His Climate Fantasy project, a failed scheme which is about to go through its third tired re-launch, tries to suggest that any and all extreme-weather events around the world are caused by man made ‘global warming’.”



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