Saturday, 6th October 2012

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Govt denies accusations by CITIPEG

Spanish workers association CITIPEG has called on the Gibraltar Government to clarify what they believe to be “confusing signals” emanating from the local administration.

In a statement to the Chronicle association president Paco Ponce has declared that while Minister for Labour Joe Bossano recently declared in parliament “an intention to replace Spanish workers by Gibraltar resident ones in the public sector, namely in the Social Services department and GHA, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo subsequently invited the Campo press and said that forthcoming construction projects by the local Government would provide employment opportunities for Spanish workers in the hinterland.”

According to Sr Ponce Spaniards working in the private sector are also affected by this policy.

Sr Ponce has also claimed that there is discrimination in Gibraltar, a veiled reference to Community Care, in respect of the pension rights of Spanish workers employed on the Rock as compared to local residents despite both having “made the same contributions to the social security fund in Gibraltar.”

A Gibraltar Government spokesman rejected the accusations and stated that they have been “exceedingly clear on what the factual position is on several occasions.”



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