Tuesday, 16th October 2012

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‘No hiding place for Al Gore’, says Lord Monckton

Lord Monckton the renowned British politician, public speaker and climate change science expert, will be holding an open-to-all address at the Elliot Hotel on Monday October 22nd entitled “Is Gore wrong or is he wrong?” at 7pm.

Ahead of the conference Lord Monckton will be holding a press conference without restrictions on time, questions or media access on Friday morning at the same venue, where he will throw down the gauntlet for a face to face debate on climate science “with global warming profiteer Al Gore.”

A spokesman for Lord Monckton said: “Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, will be having a busy time on the Rock this week during a visit organised by Gibraltarians to coincide with the Gibraltar Government’s Thinking Green propaganda seminar on Sunday October 21.

“Lord Monckton drafted the scientific testimony that led a High Court judge to order the circulation of 77 pages of corrective guidance to every school in England before Gore’s sci-fi comedy horror movie could be shown there. The judge said of Gore’s prediction of an imminent 20 ft (6 m) global sea-level rise: ‘The Armageddon scenario that he depicts is not based on any scientific view.’

Gore’s UK supporters were ordered to pay £250,000 costs to the Dartford lorry-driver who brought the case against the UK Department of Education.

“Though the judge found nine grave errors in Gore’s movie, Gore has not corrected any of the errors. The movie continues to be forced down schoolchildren’s throats worldwide. No one tells them of the High Court’s stinging criticism.

“Lord Monckton, a former Downing Street advisor to Margaret Thatcher, has already confirmed his attendance at the ‘green’ propaganda gabfest, where he will be questioning Gore’s claims and challenging the assertions in the latest re-launch of Gore’s Climate Fantasy Project to the effect that global warming that has not occurred for 15 years caused extreme-weather events in the past three years.

“To round off his visit, he will be giving a free public talk at The Elliot on Monday 22nd October at 7 pm to scrutinize the main arguments contained in Gore’s address to the Thinking Green event. He will also be answering all questions from the floor.”

Lord Monckton said: “As an admirer of Gibraltar’s rock-solid devotion to the Crown, I am greatly looking forward to visiting the Rock for the first time. Gibraltar rocks!

“I agree with Mr Gore that there are many real and affordably solvable environmental problems in the world - deforestation in South America; dangerous over-fishing of the world’s oceans; and air, sewage and trash pollution in third-world countries.

“We should focus our time, effort and cash on these real environmental problems, rather than wasting taxpayers’ money on the non-problem of global warming, which, even if it were real, could not by any stretch of the most elastic accounting methods be cost-effectively solved today. Focused adaptation to future warming is ten times more cost-effective than trying to stop the world warming now. King Canute could not stop sea-level rising. No more can we. The correct policy to address a non-problem is to have the courage to do nothing.”

He added: “The science is in, the truth is out, the models are off, green investments are down, Al Gore is through, the game is up and the scare is over.”

Lord Monckton was recently appointed an Expert Reviewer for the IPCC’s 2013 Fifth Assessment Report on Climate Change.



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