Saturday, 20th October 2012

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Monckton throws gauntlet at Gore, ‘debate or get out of Gib’ says environmental sceptic

by F. Oliva

Lord Monckton who comments on climate change as a science expert and sceptic yesterday said the Gibraltar Government should not be paying sizeable amounts of money for “just one side” of the environmental debate to be heard, in reference to tomorrow’s Thinking Green seminar address by former US vice president Al Gore.

During a press conference at the Eliott Hotel where he spoke for over an hour without a single note, he reiterated his scathing criticisms of Al Gore and repeated his challenge first delivered in 2007, for a public debate in any format of his choosing, on live international television with the controversial environmental guru.

In his first ever visit to the Rock, Lord Monckton who has travelled the world probing, inquiring and asking uncomfortable, if not inconvenient questions regarding the claims by the world environmental lobby, declared that he would be closely following every word that Mr Gore utters in his seminar and that if there was any claim that could be interpreted as being fraudulent, he would be compiling a report for the relevant prosecuting authorities to consider.

Lord Monckton said that if Al Gore had answers to the questions and arguments he had been posing over the last few years “to step up to the plate and debate with me.”

“But,” he warned, if that is not the case “get out of Gibraltar.”

He said that some of those who are “peddling” the global warming scare way beyond what the science establishes “are in my opinion guilty of criminal fraud.”

Lord Monckton noted there were a far greater number of what Lenin described contemptuously as “useful idiots” who “follow the scare and adopt it, acting like this were a superstition.”

He said that while religion is a body of belief that cannot be definitively proven either way, superstition is a body of belief that can be decisively disproven.

Lord Monckton also made an impassioned plea in favour of rational scientific inquiry as the method to understand the arguments on both sides of the environmental debate in order to advance toward the truth “rather than proclaim dogma.”

He also called for a more open attitude so that people were able to engage both sides “to try and establish where the truth of the matter lies.”

Lord Monckton said there were those “on the left, but he would be equally critical of those on the right” who were seeking to co-opt and pre-empt science, with a permanent campaign designed to persuade the public that they should be listening to “the likes of Al Gore” which he sees as one of the principal culprits of the substitution of science by superstition.

He also declared that there were underlying political elements at the core of the Green agenda using the latter as a proxy to implement anti-Western policies.

“There is much more at stake here than just global warming .”

Describing the international environmental movement as a new form of modern day inquisition, he also criticised the use of disparaging language that was commonly used to harm the reputation of environmental sceptics , as it was just a means of “attacking the man and not the argument.”

Lord Monckton said that in setting out to seek the truth, he was not making any claims of being in possession of it but was willing to be judged on the merits of his case. However in his experience, the media was often only interested in one side of the debate and would not grant him the same opportunities to present his case.

He said there were double standards operating everywhere , and that it was important for democracy that both sides of the story were aired and printed, in this case the other side of the climate change case.

“If a freedom such as this dies, the West goes under; if only one side of the story comes out, democracy cannot work because the people will not hear both sides of the argument,” he declared.

He further argued that if he was such a fool as depicted by some on the internet “I would condemn myself out of my own mouth.”

Lord Monckton also denounced attempts to silence and discredit him pointing to “a lavishly funded campaign in this respect that cost at least a quarter of a million dollars.”

After obtaining up to two and a half million hits with a You Tube video of one of his most forceful denouncements of the more ‘sinister’ agenda of the environmental lobby, Lord Monckton said two dozen pages of gibberish under the tag – Monckton video – had been uploaded with search engines having been paid huge sums of money to advance them to the top of the rankings in order to bury his message.


He also refuted that climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity, arguing that it was world poverty which was a far more pressing priority, “a real and immediate problem.”

Lord Monckton said that in the context of the millions of dollars in subsidies bandied about to fund carbon mitigation measures, in Third World countries just $8 makes the difference between the life and death for a mother to be able to feed her children.

“Medicines, food and water supplies; starvation, decent health care and education are problems which are fixable at a fraction of the money required to deal with a problem such as global warming.”

He said it was incalculably more expensive to act that not to do so and just pay the expense of the hypothetical damage caused by CO2.


Lord Monckton also had words of praise for Gibraltar and felt delighted and honoured to be here, declaring that in the context of recent political moves in his native Scotland “with many there wanting to break ties with United Kingdom,” Gibraltar’s allegiance to the British Crown expressed overwhelmingly on two separate occasions , “is important to me.” He said to see such devotion to the Crown these days was very rare.

He said that in UK there was an age old tradition and also a requirement of the law that “both sides should be heard.” Thus he had felt obliged to come to Gibraltar to make sure the principle was respected, upon hearing with alarm, that Al Gore would be paid a large sum of money by the local Government to come and put across only one side of the environmental debate.


On renewable energies, Lord Monckton said that there were many falsehoods circulated and that the core truth was that they were subsidy dependent. He gave the example of how in Spain a quarter of the solar power companies had gone bust because subsidies had been reduced by half. He further described these as having “an egregiously disproportionate cost” to the amount of energy it could generate.

He said that when subsidies stop there will be investors asking hard questions about “who it was that was making false claims” about renewable energies.

Lord Monckton said only nuclear power was capable of becoming an alternative source of energy to fossil fuels in the long term with further advances in nuclear technology, as it was not an attractive political proposition in the present.

As regards his presence in Gibraltar he said he had no financial or vested interest and that he only went to places where he was invited, and had responded to a request by local concerned citizens to come over and actually get a debate started on the subject which would have otherwise been stifled.






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