Wednesday, 24th October 2012

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No 6 press office and Opposition reject Monckton claims

No 6 Press Office yesterday denied claims made by Lord Monckton on Monday that he had been messed about by them in terms of his application for a press pass.

A spokesman said that the first time that Lord Monckton’s team made contact with the Press Office was on Thursday October 18 when Charles Scott rang to ask if he could arrange accreditation for Lord Monckton’s attendance at THINKING GREEN.

“The Press Office initially established various facts about Monckton’s journalistic credentials and told Mr Scott that, despite the deadline for accreditations having passed two days earlier, it would provide a press pass which could be collected on Friday. Mr Scott duly collected the Pass on Friday morning. At no time did Mr Scott suggest that he had made any other attempts at obtaining accreditation,” said No 6.

No 6 said that on Monday night Lord Monckton told his audience that the Government Press Office had made “two maladroit attempts to lose his application.” And that this was again quoted by Paco Oliva in an article in yesterday’s Chronicle.

“Despite being the only individual to apply for accreditation after the deadline, Lord Monckton was given full journalistic access to the THINKING GREEN seminar. The Press Office can categorically confirm that Lord Monckton made just one single application and that his application was cleared without any delay. There were no ‘lost applications’,” said No 6..


Meanwhile GBC reported yesterday that the Leader of the Opposition has denied that the Opposition is considering going to court over the cost of the Thinking Green Conference. The assertion, it said, was made by Climate Change sceptic, Lord Monckton, at a packed public meeting Monday night.



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