Thursday, 25th October 2012

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Netto a ‘nit picking Monckton’ says Govt

The Government has hit out at ‘nit-picking’ Opposition member Jaime Netto, call him the “Lord Monckton of this Government’s Health and Safety policy.”

In their statement they say that it is clear to them that Mr Netto has set himself up as the ‘Lord Monckton’ because during the Tuesday Health and Safety meeting he was seen busily scribbling down notes only during the addresses given by the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo and Minister for Health and Safety, Paul Balban, but that Mr Netto stopped taking notes “as soon as the visiting experts began their talks.”

This according to the Government makes it clear to them that “Mr Netto was there purely to nit-pick the Government’s ministers rather than to offer any genuine contributions to the debate.”

Calling Mr Netto’s latest press release “his most recent outburst”, they say that Mr Netto criticises the Minister for Health and Safety because, although there are now two additional factories inspectors, making four in total, the approved government estimates of revenue and expenditure show an establishment of just two. “So, perhaps the Ministry is wrong to recruit additional Health and Safety Inspectors,” said a Government spokesperson.

According to the Government during the GSD’s time in government, they failed to recruit any specialist staff after the previous principal factories inspector retired, “a failure which indicates the GSD’s less-than-proactive view of Health and Safety matters,” they said.

Listing another nit-pick the Government said that Mr Netto ridiculed Mr Balban for having said that, “the department is now giving advice for the first time ever.” According to the Government Mr Balban’s speaking notes have revealed that what he actually said was: “The Government, in its short term of office, has doubled its staff support within the inspectorate, which has led to the possibility of greater emphasis on the proactive side of Health & Safety, which has not been seen for many years.”

“Now, not only, does the inspectorate investigate and actively process incompliant employers who fail to show a duty of care to their employees, but it is also able to afford advise and support to employers in order to ensure that the necessary education is available to ensure that the risks to the workforce, that is the employees, are mitigated as far as possible.”

The Government have said that clearly Mr Balban was offering a more “proactive support mechanism for Gibraltar’s workforce” but, that once again; Mr Netto decided to “twist the Minister’s words in order to score a few cheap points.”

“If he chooses to attend future Health and Safety meetings, perhaps Mr Netto will try to offer some constructive ideas instead of merely criticising those who have something positive to say,” said a Government spokesperson.




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