Tuesday, 30th October 2012

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Citypeg condemn use of frontier as ‘political weapon’

Spanish workers association in Gibraltar CITYPEG has condemned the use of the frontier as “a political weapon.” According to the association this tactic has been seen to be ineffective as it is rejected “not only by the inhabitants of Gibraltar but also by the entire Campo area.”

Citypeg argue that any pressure at the frontier ends up affecting “Spanish workers in Gibraltar, primarily”.

“Those of us employed in Gibraltar cannot be waiting in a queue for hours to get home after completing a hard day’s work,” said spokesman Paco Ponce.

“This is inhuman, and we all suffer it.”

Sr Ponce said they support all associations on both sides of the frontier which condemn such measures.

“This is not the way forward and Madrid should rectify for the good of all of us.”

Sr Ponce said that in contrast to other Campo associations, they also speak out against “the discrimination that Spanish workers and pensioners are suffering in Gibraltar.”

He said: “Spanish pensioners and future beneficiaries are being discriminated by the Government of Gibraltar in that they do not get the complementary pension top-up of 600 Euros which Spaniards do not receive even though we pay the same taxes and pension contributions to the social security in Gibraltar.”

Sr Ponce was also critical of Unite the Union, which, he said, “backs the Gibraltar government against Spanish workers, while at the same time, incredibly, they are trying to recruit members for the union from among the Spanish frontier workers.”

Citipeg call on Comisiones Obreras, UGT and political parties to support them “as we are quite defenceless, in the protection of our interests.”

Sr Ponce added: “We are going to face a big problem when we reach pensionable age with E200 a month when we are being deprived of an additional E600 to which we are entitled from Gibraltar’s social security fund for making contributions like everybody else.”




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