Saturday, 17th November 2012

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Top notch international darts tournament next summer

by F Oliva

Gibraltar Government will be organising and hosting an international darts tournament in June next year, Minister for Sport Steven Linares confirmed yesterday in Parliament. In answer to questions from Opposition spokesman Edwin Reyes, Mr Linares declared that a £30,000 deposit had already been paid for such purpose and estimated that the total cost of the event will be in the region of £100,000.

Mr Linares said the ranked competition will attract “all the world champions” of this “up and coming” sport and will see Gibraltar’s inclusion in the European darts circuit alongside Vienna and Berlin. He said that although the event will not be broadcast live, it will be the subject of a subsequent 50 minute programme on Sky Sports.

Mr Linares also stated that the new playing surface laid down at the Victoria Stadium had been approved by the International Rugby Board which meant Gibraltar could be staging international rugby matches in future.



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