Tuesday, 20th November 2012

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Citipeg express concern at ‘loss of jobs by Spanish workers’ in Gibraltar

Citipeg, the organisation of Spanish workers in Gibraltar has expressed criticism at the “high number” of Spanish workers who have lost their jobs in the construction sector since the GSLP/Liberals came to power. In a statement president Paco Ponce lamented that their own estimates of Spanish worker redundancies published in the summer “had fallen far short” of the real figure.

Sr Ponce was referring to the published figures taken from official local Employment and Training Board official registered employment statistics which showed that since September 2011 to September 2012, of the 998 jobs that had been lost in the construction sector, 884 of them had been held by Spanish workers.

“This amounts to 88.5% of the total. The situation is worse than what we imagined and that is only in the construction industry, without including other sectors of the economy,” he declared.

He further stated that this had happened “since the new Government has been elected to office,” noting that “it may be a coincidence or not; each one should draw their own conclusions.”

Citipeg also expresses sadness “that the Gibraltarian trade union Unite has not even mentioned or drawn attention to this alarming situation.”

Critical of Unite’s attitude they say: “Are they not interested in the workers, the near thousand Spanish workers who have been fired? Perhaps they think these persons are not important.”

Citipeg are also critical of rival Spanish workers association ASCTEG “for having doubted the figures we made public in August, (500) which has now been shown to have been a conservative estimate.”

The association also gave their public backing to ALPEG, which groups the Spanish pensioners who were former workers in Gibraltar, “in their struggle with the Bank of Spain, to recover the millions owed to them by the Franco regime when they were obliged to change their currency from sterling to pesetas on crossing the frontier back to Spain, at inferior rates than were available in the open market.”

Citipeg said they will remain vigilant at the employment situation of Spanish workers in Gibraltar.



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