Friday, 12th April 2013

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The Rock seen from space again

by Eyleen Sheil

Gibraltar is “an amazing spot to see from space”, said Cmdr Chris Hadfield and he should know as he sees the limestone monolith on a regular basis from the International Space Station (ISS). Pic by: Chris Hadfield/NASA, @Cmdr_Hadfield

On Wednesday afternoon, Cmdr Hadfield a Canadian Astronaut tweeted a photograph he titled “The Mediterranean’s mouth - Gibraltar, Algeciras, Ceuta”.

Speaking about Gibraltar Cmdr Hadfield said: “from space you can more easily see the clear difference, the currents, and the value of Gibraltar. Strategic and economic evidence as to why the area is so important is very clear when seen from Station.”

“Understanding the location where the Atlantic meets the Sea and where Africa meets Europe is easier when you can see all of them in the frame,” he adds.

Canadian Space Agency astronaut Cmdr Hadfield is the first Canadian to command the ISS and took command of the space station for ‘Expedition 35’ on March 13. He is joined on board the ISS with NASA astronaut Dr Thomas H Marshburn who tweeted to the Chronicle in February, and Russian cosmonaut Roman Romanenko.

As children we may all have heard of the man in the moon, no doubt Cmdr Hadfield’s son Evan heard more than just that, speaking to the Chronicle on what it is like to have a Dad who is an astronaut he said: “For me, he is just like any other dad.”



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