Tuesday, 16th April 2013

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Breaking news

Govt Minister Charles Bruzon has died

 Minister for Housing Charles Bruzon, 74, has passed away this morning.

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo Tweeted: “Rest in Peace, Hon Charles Bruzon MP.  A true friend and a gentleman politician. Please remember his family at this difficult time.”

Tributes pouring out to Charles Bruzon MP and the flags are now flying at half-mast. Funeral expected Thursday afternoon.

The passing away of a Government minister not set off urgency for by-election. In theory this could be held in a month but the Governor has 90 days to issue writ for future date and would be approached by Chief Minister on this first.


On behalf of the GSD, the Leader of the Opposition, Daniel Feetham sent his sincerest condolences to Charles' family and friends on this very sad day.

"Whatever one's political views, no one will disagree that Charles Bruzon was a man with a kind and generous spirit, always very pleasant and amiable. He had been a member of Parliament for ten years and will be sadly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife and children," he said.

Juan Carlos Perez chairman of the GSLP governing party of which Mr Bruzon was a member issued a statement saying:

"The party sadly notes the passing away of Charles Bruzon who has been an elected Member of Parliament for a number of years. Our thoughts at this stage are first and foremost with his wife, his sons and the rest of his family to whom we convey our most sincere condolences. We in the party have followed with some distress Charles’s recent medical evolution hoping that he would pull through, but regrettably this has not been so. We have lost a most valuable member of the party who has made an immense contribution and who we shall all miss dearly.

Charles joined the GSLP after he had been actively involved with Voice of Gibraltar for a number of years, defending the right to self-determination of the people of Gibraltar, supporting the efforts of the elected representatives at the United Nations, allying himself to the campaign for enfranchisement to the European Parliament and campaigning for Gibraltar’s rights in Europe. When he signed up to the party he told us that quite apart from all the issues he supported under the banner of the Voice of Gibraltar, which formed part of the policies of the GSLP, he had come to identify a great need to represent the grievances of the less well off, particularly the senior citizens who could not make ends meet and who did not know where to go to seek assistance. He made it a point of visiting elderly people with problems at their homes to get to know them and their problems better. When he was handed over the housing portfolio by Joe Bossano when still in Opposition he was relentless in representing the grievances of the homeless to the then Government and of gathering data that would form the basis of the housing policies of the party for the 2011 general elections. Regrettably he will not be able to see any of the coming fruits of the policies he contributed to formulate due to his sudden and untimely death. His stay at the Ministry for Housing has been very short due to his illness but we know that, given the chance, he would have carried out his responsibilities honourably and efficiently.

Charles was a very easy going person who was not difficult to like or love. He was very much at the centre of the GSLP family, attending and participating in functions, forming part of various committees and fulfilling any role or responsibility that he might be given by the Executive Committee. He was a very gentle person that would prefer to avoid controversy but who would passionately stand his ground to defend his ideas. He was a highly principled person who helped to bring some respect to politics at a time when it was badly needed and for that and for his overall contribution to politics we shall always remember him. Gibraltar loses a Member of Parliament and a Government Minister who took his responsibilities very seriously and who believed in socialism as a means towards a fairer and more just society; this is why he embraced the GSLP and the GSLP embraced him.

We wish to thank all party members who have called at our offices or telephoned us to express their sadness at our great loss."


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