Saturday, 19th October 2013

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Picardo says Mayor’s naval appointment strengthens Rock’s link to Royal Navy

The Chief Minister Fabian Picardo has sent congratulations to Mayor Anthony Lima on his appointment as an Honorary Commander in the Royal Naval Reserve.

“I am delighted that Tony should have the distinction of being the only Honorary Commander RNR outside the United Kingdom,” said Mr Picardo.

“In this appointment he will act as an important link between the Navy and our local community.”

“I am also delighted that, through Tony, Gibraltar’s historic link with the Royal Naval Reserve has been recognised.”

The Mayor was the last Commanding Officer of Gibraltar’s Royal Naval Reserve unit, HMS Calpe, which was disestablished in 1993.

His appointment was made on the recommendation of the First Sea Lord and then approved by The Queen.

“Losing HMS Calpe was a sad event for Gibraltar, and this honour bestowed on much respected and loved Mayor Tony Lima will reflect on all those who historically made up HMS Calpe,” Mr Picardo said.



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