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By Robert Vasquez
Gibraltar needs an independent voice in Parliament with no fear and no party agenda. Gibraltar’s democracy suffers without such a voice. Split your vote and get that voice into Parliament, that voice is me.

I want to improve democracy, fight for better government and prevent and investigate corruption and enchufes. For many years, I have argued for all these policies.

My policies cover many areas like Brexit, housing, health, social services, the environment, public administration, the economy and finances, read about these and more in my manifesto.

I will not work for any Chief Minister or any Opposition Leader. MPs represent you. As an independent, I will assess the policy of the governing party and accept or criticise without party influences.

I will push for improved democracy and government and the prevention and investigation of corruption and enchufes. Our voting system should be changed, our parliamentary system improved, and any corruption and enchufes hit hard.

More people should be attracted to stand for election by changing the voting system, to improve democracy. The current ten votes per voter is a block vote to choose a Chief Minister, who will rule virtually without challenge.


Is it really the case that all the candidates of your preferred party are the right MPs? Or is party loyalty so strong that anyone will do.

SPLIT YOUR VOTE: give me one vote, voters want individualistic and free-thinking MPs. Remember nine members of a party can form Government.

MPs represent YOU, not the Chief Minister or the Leader of the Opposition or their friends.

Moreover, we need electoral reforms to improve democracy and government: a suitable type of Proportional Representation.

I will push for more sittings of Parliament, more questioning of the Chief Minister and Ministers, less control by the Chief Minister, more supervisory committees, a Public Accounts Committee to open hidden public finances and to give more power to the Opposition.

We need a separation of powers. Enlargement is not popular, so let us reduce the number of Ministers to eight and have two Government MPs who are not Ministers.

Chitchat about corruption and enchufes shows a breakdown of democracy, but nothing ever seems to be done. I wrote publicly about this well before the 2011 general election.

In 2011 the GSLP-Liberals took up my suggestion for an anti-corruption authority with supporting laws but did not deliver. In 2015, they promised that the Royal Gibraltar Police could deal with corruption and enchufes, nothing happened.

Elect me and you will have someone in Parliament who will push the promises of all parties to make changes: they have failed you before.

Corruption is a hidden and sneaky crime to be dealt with specifically by a body acting forcefully. Additionally, reducing corruption needs openness and transparency in party funding.

I am an open book. My views and opinions on many subjects are available on Llanito World on Facebook and at,

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