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Redundant expressions of outrage

Below is the full text of a personal statement issued by Marlene Hassan Nahon, Leader of Together Gibraltar and Member of the Gibraltar Parliament.

This week my party issued a statement requesting bipartisanship in the face of the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

We did this because we were becoming increasingly concerned by the disingenuous comments coming from the GSD creating a climate of hostility for a process that should be carried out in a climate of good will and openness.

We all share similar red lines and therefore we see no need for redundant expressions of outrage.

This petition has been manipulated by some as a “carte blanche” from TG to the Government when we have stated very clearly that any outcome should be ratified by the people of Gibraltar in a referendum.

We know that this tactic of firing up nationalist sentiments to boycott good faith political negotiations is a trademark policy of some GSLP activists but we still believe that they - and ultimately Gibraltar - should be given the best chance of securing the best possible post-Brexit outcome.

Being the daughter of Sir Joshua Hassan, I know very well how difficult it is to make decisions and calibrate all options for the greater good.

My father was a pragmatic and astute leader who managed to achieve self-governance for a small and powerless territory and neutralise the threat of fascist Spain, navigating the waters between these two powers with diplomacy and intelligence.

He also had to face demagogues stirring nationalist sentiments, and people who tried to exploit the historic challenges faced by the people of Gibraltar for their own political interests.

I write this note to stand up for his good name, in light of the orchestrated campaign we are witnessing on social media these days.

These attempts at assassinating the characters of other past Chief Ministers (I have also seen Sir Peter Caruana being defamed in these forums) of our history is nothing but vile propaganda, to delegitimise the state builders of Gibraltar by plain haters or misguided political activists.

Of particular concern in the latest barrage of abuse is the age-old anti-Semitic trope of dual loyalty with Israel that has been lobbed at me for being Jewish.

This is a new and dangerous phenomenon in Gibraltar politics and I urge the Chief Minister and Leader of the Opposition to condemn this discourse immediately.

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