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This is serious – not a time for games

By Albert Isola

Brexit is now dangerously close and there is nothing more we can do to stop it or change its course. But, what we can each do is to elect the best prepared team for Government to ensure that whatever the negative impact Brexit may have on Gibraltar and its people, we are able to mitigate that as far as is reasonably possible. My plea to you is to ask for your vote for the 10 GSLP/Liberal candidates, and this is why;

We have worked nonstop to prepare our community for Brexit. We have safeguarded our financial services and gaming sectors to maintain UK access post Brexit. The only Jurisdiction in the world to have achieved this.

The Governments of Gibraltar and the United Kingdom have never worked so closely and productively before. We have worked together to address all areas of mutual concern and our relationship – of huge importance – is excellent at all levels.

We have negotiated key Memoranda and agreements with Spain – done and ready. This from the team that will never ever agree to any concessions whatsoever on sovereignty. This has always been our consistent position and you can trust it..

We have worked closely with the private sector both directly in our Brexit Working Groups and indirectly through all of the associations, understanding and dealing with the concerns. Our laws are ready and our regulators are ready.

Fabian Picardo and Joseph Garcia have worked tirelessly these past three years to protect our community. The other parties simply have no understanding of the people or the issues involved. This is not a time for taking turns; a bad Brexit, handled badly by the wrong people, can be hugely damaging for Gibraltar.

Despite Brexit, we have been busy on delivering our promises to you…and more. That’s the GSLP talent. Prudent and sensible investment has led to incredible new schools and sports facilities; improved and enhanced Health services, affordable housing, our new clean LNG power station, more beautiful parks and a real and genuine interest in caring for our environment; our Green agenda is real.

In our services sector we have done more than ever before; In introducing our world leading DLT Blockchain framework, in our new Financial Services Act, in our business development initiatives across the world, our #ThinkGibraltar campaign, our work on the Gaming legislation, our work on reducing red tape in business licensing which is ready to go and of course our work on eGovernment – within months the Employment and Tax Offices will be digital and so will the GHA.

Despite the revolution of incredible work we have done this past 4 years, I ask for your support not for these reasons. I ask you to enable us as a community to put our best people forward to face the Brexit challenges, whatever those may be. No one has the knowledge or experience we have. Please vote for all TEN GSLP/Liberal candidates.

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