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US guitarist brings flamenco touch to Brexit

Vocemmus' 'Brexit por Bulerías' is the latest production to hit the stage at the Gibraltar Inces Hall later this month.

Performed by American musician Ronald Radford from Oklahoma, the show aims to show different perspectives on Brexit through flamenco.

Mr Radford is a ‘Master Flamenco Guitarist’ and has performed in four continents. He said the show is set at a time when Europe is at structural crossroads.

“Europe is rich in cultural diversity, but its fundamental emotions, values and art forms are shared, and upon these first and foremost can we bring to the fore those things that unite us rather than our differences,” Mr Radford said.

“If an American from deep in Oklahoma can learn to feel and practice the ancestral art and values of the Spanish gypsies, Romanians and Spaniards, Berliners and Athenians, Londoners and Tuscans can certainly find common feelings, common ground and shared cultural affinities beyond just a common coin and a borderless continent with a few shared institutions."

Mr Radford grew to love flamenco when he was just aged 14.

His performance in Gibraltar on August 31st will close his European tour and tickets will be available at the John Mackintosh Hall a day earlier.



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