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‘A trickle’ of water in Upper Town as Govt assesses days of disruption

Strategic Coordination Meeting at No6 Convent Place.

There is “beginning to be a trickle of water” in Upper Town, the Gibraltar Government confirmed late on Monday evening, following days of water shortages.

The shortages follow a tunnel fire last week which damaged pipes for AquaGib’s Reverse Osmosis Plant, leaving areas of Gibraltar without water.

The Government said Gibraltar’s water supply improved on Monday, with the majority of the originally affected lower South District area now having access to potable water at home.

This followed a second briefing, with Government holding Strategic Coordination Meetings multiple times daily since the incident occurred.

“The general position is that the water shortage situation continues to improve AquaGib has also advised that there is beginning to be a trickle of water in some of the affected areas of the Upper Town, with further improvements expected overnight,” the Government said.

“The AquaGib reserves at their reservoirs have continued to grow.”

“It is expected that the overnight restriction from 11pm to 7am will further assist in expediting the increase in stock levels which in turn will assist with the issues with water pressure across Gibraltar.”

“Additionally, regarding the supply of potable water from Spain, the latest figure received by the Government is that there has been over 500,000 litres of water unloaded into the Hesse’s pumping station [on Monday].”

“This has also helped with increasing stock levels.”

The meetings, chaired by Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Joseph Garcia, alongside the Minister for Civil Contingencies, Samantha Sacramento saw the Chief Minister also subsequently briefed.

On Monday, AquaGib with the assistance of the MOD’s water section, created an interconnection between both the AquaGib and MOD networks in the area of South Barrack Road, which assisted somewhat in mitigating the problem being experiencing with water pressure in parts of the lower South District, the Government said.

“The latest advice received by the Government from the technical experts at AquaGib is that all areas in the South District west of St Joseph’s School are now being supplied through this new MOD/AquaGib interconnection”

“This has, for example, allowed the return of water supply to Alameda Estate, Bayview Terraces, Schomberg and surrounding areas.”

The Government reassured all those affected that every effort is being made by AquaGib to resolve this issue as soon as it is practically possible.

“In the meantime, however, there will continue to be a targeted operation regarding the location of potable water bowsers and water bottles towards the affected areas.”

A further meeting of the Strategic Coordinating Group dealing with water disruption has been scheduled for midday today and the Government expects to issue a further update thereafter.

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