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Action for Housing quizzes minister on flat allocation

Photo by Johnny Bugeja.

Action for Housing has raised concern about the allocation of a flat in Alameda estate to a person it believes may not be eligible for government housing.
According to Action for Housing, the person had separated from their partner, who had kept the matrimonial home after a financial settlement.
The group pointed out that people in such circumstances are not eligible for government housing.
Action for Housing raised this allocation with the Minister for Housing but has yet to receive a reply, hence its decision to raise its concerns publicly.
“We asked the minister to explain the reason and the circumstances as to why this [person] was given a government flat when [they] had until recently been a homeowner,” the group said in a statement.
“We pointed out to the minister that those who have divorced or separated and have had to sell their homes are not even eligible to be on the waiting list and cannot partake of the so-called low-cost housing scheme.”
“Surprisingly, this previous homeowner had been given a government flat.”
“We also asked the minister how this had been possible in such a short period of time when others have to wait for years to be given an allocation, including serious medical and social cases.”
“We asked the minister whether this case had gone through the normal allocation procedure, how it was conducted and what criteria was used.”
“We told the minister that this allocation had caused significant public disquiet and indignation, and said that before deciding whether to go public or not, he should, so as to uphold the concept of transparency and fairness, give a full explanation on what seemed to be have been a direct allocation, which if true, had flouted some of the more fundamental policies of his department.”
Action for Housing said it had not received a response from the Minister for Housing, hence its decision to highlight a matter that it said had generated significant public interest and concern.
It called on the minister to offer ‘a full and satisfactory public explanation”.

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