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Awards for local nurses

The Minister for Health, Dr John Cortes, presented awards to 40 nurses at a ceremony at the Central Hall last week.

Three distinct groups received the awards, with 20 nurses receiving their certificates of registration with the Gibraltar Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors Registration Board and the QCF level 3 Health and Social Care certificate.

There was 18 nurses awarded a QCF level 2 Health and Social Care certificate and two nurses were awarded the A1 Assessors certificate.

Training for enrolled nurses was re-introduced by the Government after an absence of many years, providing an opportunity for nursing assistants to progress in their careers.

The Head of the School of Health Studies Professor Ian Peate introduced the event, also present was Senior Tutor Janet Lane.

“It was a special occasion for all those who had undertaken the training and succeeded in achieving their endeavours. The event was not just a celebration of individual, personal achievement but also a recognition of contributions made by those receiving their awards, staff, the School of Health Studies and the GHA as a whole,” said a statement from the Government.

The School of Health Studies is at the heart of health care provision in Gibraltar, offering health care education to a variety of staff in a number health care settings providing locally delivered education.

“This is an important part of the GHA strategy that strives to generate greater focus towards improving patient care that is sensitive to the needs of our community, driven by a strong sense of vocation that ultimately aims to serve our patients with the highest standards of care,” said the Government.

Dr Cortes said: “I take great pride in having been able to achieve the reinstatement of the enrolled nursing training programme, and more important, the avenue of progression from Nursing Assistant and Carer to Enrolled Nurse and beyond, opening opportunities that until just a few years ago were denied to our young – and not so young nurses.”

“I don’t have to tell you that nursing is pivotal in any health and care organisation. For one, it is the largest group - and for good reason. In the hands of nurses is the care of our community at the most vulnerable times, from before birth, through illness to our final moments. Their care, their attention, their empathy, and of course, their skills, all impact on the lives of all of us at some point or another. Few professions are so intimately relevant to the life of our community,” he added.

The Minister also said that nurses at all levels make a huge contribution to the GHA, ERS and the Care Agency and provided a person is willing to continue to work and study, all possibilities are now open.

“Too often all that people hear about the GHA and other health and care agencies are the negatives – but there are many more positives than negatives. I always say, when I have the opportunity – the privilege – to address groups of staff such as you – that in these organisations we do many things right, but that we can do everything better,” said Dr Cortes.

“Gibraltar is lucky to have you,” he added.

Awardees who received their level two are Daphne Alecio, Kenneil Avellano, Daphne Balbuena, Genesis Bonavia, Carol Cano, Desire Castle, Janine Castle, Nerina Cruz, Karen El Aoua, Michelle Gomez, Joseph Llufrio, Shayne Lopez, Fiona O'Mahony, Jackie Orciel, Nakela Pallas, Sara Ryan, Segovia Iris and Charlene

Awardees who received their level three are Jessica Acolina, Ian Bramble, Gail Breakspear, Vanessa Bula, Hannah Carlin, Sinead Casey, Shelbey Catania, Alan Chipolina, Shalane Chrayeh, Khaola El Andaloussi, Rosanna Fernandez, Jean Fisher Level, Audrey Gingell, Geraldine Hassan, Kalissa Jolley, Amber Marsh, Irene Mayanga, Kianne Parody, Kathryn Rocca and Allyson Stephenson.

Awardees who received their A1 Assessors are Bonnmatie Tamara and Victory Lizanne.

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