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Azopardi sets out GSD’s next 200 days

Keith Azzopardi 04 04-2018 (Photo John Bugeja) Lawyer and GSD Party leader speaks on his 100 days leadership

GSD Leader Keith Azopardi has set out a 200-day programme including promises to begin rolling out policy commitments ahead of the next general election.

The seven-step programme also provides for the greater participation of new and former members at all levels of the GSDs structures.

In the run up to the GSD leadership election Mr Azopardi set out a 100 day programme that he would undertake as the groundwork for the rebuilding and renewal of the party.

That programme entailed steps being taken to reorganise the structure of the party, overhaul the communications strategy, review existing policies, widen the GSD appeal so that it reached all sectors of Gibraltar and attracted more people into the GSD – especially young people.

In a statement the GSD said that throughout the last three months that key groundwork has been done.

It explained that new structures are in place to help support the work of the Executive.

Additionally, the policy rethink process has started and a “deep” community outreach programme has commenced and will continue for the rest of the year.

“The way we communicate is being changed and will see further change,” the GSD said.

“New members are coming in and we are dedicating efforts to build a dynamic younger base to the Party that will make contributions to the Party at all levels.”

“That first 100 days which was so necessary to reposition the Party has now ended.”

Mr Azopardi addressed a Members Focus Group before Easter to explain the work that had been done and undertook to set out a renewed programme for the next phase of this work.

Necessarily a lot of the initial work has occurred behind the scenes and so this is not visible to the public but as we go forward everyone can expect us to give even greater emphasis to a communication of our ideas.

Mr Azopardi explained: “That first phase of largely silent groundwork was essential,” adding that that behind the scenes work will slowly bear fruit.

“As we go forward and enter this new phase of work I wanted to reiterate my commitment to members to take further steps to achieve the renewal and renergising of the party.”

“We will emerge from this work as a stronger alternative to Government.”

In setting out the key elements of this further phase of work Mr Azopardi has vowed to reaffirm the Core Values and Objectives of the party after a discussion of these at the Executive and with opportunity of consultation and input from Members.

Additionally, the party will review its constitution to modernize it and ensure it is more responsive to the new structures and clearly sets out functions and roles of the various officers of the party.

The GSD further plans to establish a ‘Change Committee’ that will be chaired by Mr Azopardi and will supervise the work of all other new structures to ensure overall supervision of the deep processes of change that are being injected throughout the party.

“This will consolidate the structural changes that are being carried out,” the party explained.

The GSD will continue its community outreach programme so as to engage with sectoral concerns and ensure it can assist people in the most effective way.

The party will also place an emphasis on the greater participation of new and former members at all levels of the GSDs structures.

Mr Azopardi said the GSD will be more active through its new communications strategy whether it be via social media, direct contact or written material.

Finally, the party will start a progressive roll-out of policy commitments ahead of the next general election across a diverse range of areas so that the public can see what they can expect from a GSD Government.

“These are exciting times for the GSD,” Mr Azopardi said, adding: “I believe that we have stabilized the Party and that the next few months will see the fruits of that work.”

“This is centrally important because it is clear that Gibraltar needs a strong alternative to Government.”

“We will continue that work to transform the GSD into a more dynamic, fresher alternative to Government so that we are ready by the next election,” he said.

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