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Brexit is 'an absolute disaster' and Theresa May 'a disgrace', Sir Bob Geldof says

Brexit is “a national humiliation” for the United Kingdom and “an absolute disaster”, Sir Bob Geldof has said.

Speaking in Gibraltar before a gig with The Boomtown Rats, Sir Bob said Prime Minister Theresa May was “inept, incapable, incompetent” for failing to stand up to Brexiteers pushing the UK to a 'no deal' exit.

“Why does she allow that to happen?” he told the Chronicle.

“Why has Brexit become a national humiliation and an absolute disaster? An absolute disaster.”

“No hedging, no fudging, it is an absolute disaster for the United Kingdom.”

“And she is a disgrace.”

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The Boomtown Rats were playing the classic stage at the MTV Presents Gibraltar Calling festival, with the Rock as the backdrop.

And Sir Bob had more to say on Brexit during the set.

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The rock star and outspoken charity champion told the packed Victoria Stadium he was thrilled to be playing in a place that had “the excellent sense” to vote Remain in “the worst vote in British history”.

During the 2016 referendum, Gibraltar voted by 96% to stay in the EU.

“You and the Irish, what can I say?” he said.

“Don’t let them f**k you over like they’re f**king over the rest of the UK.”

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Sir Bob last played in Gibraltar in 1986 as part of a rock show filmed on board the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal.

Photos by Johnny Bugeja

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