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Children take part in Happy Crafting summer workshops

Happy Crafting Workshop 13-07-18 (Photo John Bugeja) with Teresa summer classes full of fun colour and creativity

Young children put their crafting skills to the test at the Happy Crafting Workshops as part of the Summer Sports and Leisure Programme.

The talented children aged between four and eight years took part in workshops over the past week.

The children well get the opportunity to take part in various art mediums such as painting, drawing, working with papier-mâché, clay modelling, up cycling, mosaics, recycling and weaving.

Over the past week children have been painting to the theme of palm trees and the ocean.

Teana Navas, aged 7, painted a fish and decided to do so in colours that she thought were “nice” and told the Chronicle she will be displaying her painting on a wall at home.

“I like fish and I like painting,” she said. Her favourite part of painting the fish was using glitter and drawing the bubbles.

Five-year old Ilan Stahl painted a dolphin because, as he quite simply said, he “likes dolphins”. He has spent the whole week at the Art and Craft Shop and said he enjoyed painting.

Alongside him was Noah Latin, also aged 5, who painted a surfboard, but in true artist style he believed “it is not finished” and he wanted to add more to it.

“I’m painting it with lots of different colours for the sky and lots of different colours for the sea,” he said. He admits “I don’t surf, but I like the sea and sky and the beach.”

Parents have to reserve a space for their child in advance but there is no restriction on how many times a child can take part.

“Classes run from 10.30am to 12.30pm and we also provide lunches for the kids,” said Teresa Moore who runs the Happy Crafting Workshops.

“Also they always walk away with their little craft that they made.”

Other art courses being held this summer also include Creative Crafts with Kate Davies which will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays for the slightly older children, aged eight upwards. These art pieces will be a bit more complex and will be using mixed media because of the older age group.

In addition, Lisa Cronin, will have a fashion, sewing and textiles workshop that started this week for 10 to 14 year olds. Each week is a block booking and there will be different projects every week at Ms Cronin’s workshops.

Pic by Johnny Bugeja

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