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Chinook will make ‘at least’ four round trips to ferry radar kit to Rock Gun

Archive image of two Chinook helicoptes in Gibraltar. Photo by David Parody

A Chinook helicopter will have to make “at least” four trips to ferry new radar equipment for RAF Gibraltar to the top of the Rock later this month.

The size and weight of the equipment means flying it to Rock Gun, the secure site at the top of the north face of the Rock, is the easiest way to get it into place.

“The Chinook is being deployed as the aircraft carrier as it can withhold the weight it will be lifting,” HQ British Forces told the Chronicle.

“If there is an issue, the Chinook will return to base.”

While the Chinook is flying, all radar systems at Gibraltar Airport will be down, although “only a few minutes” at a time.

The project to upgrade the radar equipment was set out in a planning application filed with the Development and Planning Commission in August and reported by this newspaper at the time.

The new equipment will be located where the existing tactical air navigation system is within Rock Gun and will upgrade RAF Gibraltar’s Air Traffic Control systems.

The helicopter lifts are expected to take place on November 23. However, contingent plans for the lift to take place on the 24th and 25th if weather does not permit on the 23rd are also in place.

The operation will take place during daylight hours and as a safety precaution Sir Herbert Miles Road will be closed off for short periods.

The exact flight path of the Chinook will not be confirmed until closer to the date of the event.

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