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Close encounter

Alex Trinidad captured a “quite exciting” moment on camera Wednesday morning when a bluefin tuna leapt out
of the water to eat a flying fish that had been skimming the top of it moments before.

Mr Trinidad was out on his paddle board with his friend Charlie Lopez, enjoying the still glass-like water when the spectacular incident unfolded. The morning started off really good said Mr Trinidad before the mist started to come in leaving them visibility of about 100 to 150 metres.

The regular Stand up paddler is no stranger to seeing dolphin, tuna or flying fish, but it was the first time he had been so close to such an encounter.

"We are used to seeing all kinds of marine animals in the waters if the east side, from dolphins, turtles, whales, tuna, sharks (these are very rare though but they are around)," he said.

"So we are used to seeing these beasts, but when they come up out of nowhere just in front of you and gets that flying fish a few meters in front of your face the feeling is amazing! We normally paddle all four seasons and when it’s calm we go touring and when there are waves we do some surf sup. So I suppose we see so much wildlife because we spins so much time out there," said Mr Trinidad.

Mr Lopez also was surprised by the event stating that he had seen them before but never “just in front of us... You spot the signs [of the fish nearby] and you just follow them and we got lucky,” he said.

Both men like to get out on their boards as often as possible, both weather and work permitted.

"It is however a new sport which is picking up. Lots of people in summer are venturing out in deflatables, which is perfectly fine but it is important to do it safely. Always wear a leash, always take your phone, always let someone know where and when you paddle, look at the forecast and don’t rely on it as sometimes weather is really unpredictable and you need to use your common sense," said Mr Trinidad.

"Look out for the tides which can be quite strong at times. Look after the environment and pick up any plastics or ropes out of the water when you are out there."

"Happy paddling and as my friend Ian from Hypr Hawaii says “Much Mahalo”," he added.

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