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Clubhouse Gibraltar to unveil new premises later this month

Clubhouse Gibraltar has announced their new premises at 304A Main Street will be formally opened on January 23.

The new premises will now offer adequate facilities to provide three work units: business and administration, hospitality and charity shop.

Clubhouse’s mission is to provide support and opportunities within a structured work ordered day.
The Clubhouse model is a psychosocial model which helps members develop to their full potential by providing meaningful work and training.

This allows people recovering from mental health difficulties to participate in their own recovery process which enhances their self-confidence and self-esteem as well as offering freedom from isolation, in an environment that offers hope, respect, dignity and opportunities.

The basic components that the Clubhouse provides include a work ordered day, employment and education programs, health and wellbeing and housing programs. Clubhouse also provides social, community support and reach-out.

Clubhouse Gibraltar is a not for profit organisation, it is self-financing and relies on grants, donations and fund raising to provide effective face to face support in Gibraltar.

Clubhouse Gibraltar was the brainchild of Emily Adamberry Olivero MBE, currently the CEO.

Ms Adamberry Olivero has been campaigning for a better quality of life for people affected by mental illness since 1992.

In a Clubhouse International Seminar in Florida, US back in 2009 she discovered that the Clubhouse model provided all the support and back up that she had been looking for and much more.

In 2010 Clubhouse commenced having weekly meetings in Toc H.

The Government of Gibraltar then offered the Clubhouse temporary accommodation at Wellington Front which became Clubhouse’s home in 2013.

“Although Clubhouse Gibraltar has developed and grown since its early days, the need and demand for adequate premises was a reality that needed to be addressed and now in 2020 with the full support from the Government of Gibraltar, Clubhouse has moved to their new home and can now provide the full facilities and programmes that the members deserve,” Clubhouse said in a statement.

The Board, members and staff of Clubhouse Gibraltar would like to thank The Government of Gibraltar for their generous financial support and Gibraltar Joinery and Building Services (JBS) for undertaking and part funding the building and renovation works to the new premises.

Clubhouse thanked everyone who has supported them over the years in all the different ways including organising events in aid of their charity, sponsoring and providing work placements, attending Mental Health First Aid Courses, contributing on a monthly basis, donating provisions, on an ongoing basis, public and corporate donations to the charity shop, generous discounts, donations for raffles, providing words of encouragement and so much more.