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Danza Academy success at Global Dance Open

Danza Academy recently won six gold, 12 silver,10 bronze and six international scholarships at the Global Dance Open, and received their Royal Academy of Dance Classical Ballet and their Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing Modern Theatre Dance Exam Certificates at the Convent Ballroom.

Some 66 Danza pieces qualified in the Gibraltar Global Dance Qualifiers held in The Special Olympics Sports Complex last May.

These qualifiers were to represent the Rock at The Global Dance Open Finals held in Porto Portugal last June where 35 Nations and thousands of dancers competed fiercely.

Wanting to give as many of its students the chance to compete in the Qualifiers of a top class world international event, held for the first time at our doorstep, Danza Academy entered 91 pieces in the first round.

Having just come out from the pandemic The Global Open Porto finals were hybrid.

Danza respected everyone’s wishes for the finals and some opted for videos entries while others attended live.

The lineup of judges for Gibraltar included Taylor Walker an international renown Dance and Theatre creative artist, Lucy Banfield Head of Vocational Studies at Urdang and 25 years professional dance experience and Belinda Basu Senior Jazz Tutor at Bird College.

At Portugal Finals judges included Luis de Abreu Principal and Artistic Director at Bird College, Solange Urdang CEO at Urdang Academy, Nic Espinosa Director of London Studio Centre, Mark Burrel representative of The Jeoffrey Ballet School, Melanie Walker representative of Acrobatic Arts, Robert Parker Artistic Director of Elmhurst Ballet School, Ian Mackay International Artistic Manager of The Royal Ballet School, Daniel Catanach Faculty member of Steps on Broadway and Lucas Newland Owner, Managing and Creative Director of Brent Street to name a few.

The competition was divided into two Galas.

Gala 1 was held at the end of the Lyrical, Jazz, Folklore, Acro and Street/Commercial Categories. Gibraltar was the second best nation at this Gala. 35 nations competed at this event. 9 of the 41 pieces invited to perform in Gala 1 were from Danza.

In Gala 2 at the end of the Contemporary and Ballet Categories Gibraltar was ranked 6th.

Sebastian Diaz was invited to participate in an elite ballet class hosted by The Royal Ballet School.

“We feel incredibly proud of all our students who shone so brightly at this prestigious world event,” said Danza Director Anne-Marie Gomez.

“Especially proud of a couple of students who placed with their own choreographies as was the case with Sebastian Diaz who placed 1st in the Intermediate Jazz Category with ‘Heads Will Roll’ and was awarded a scholarship for it.”

“We have all learnt so much from Global and definitely it was time to go back to live International Competitions after two years.”

“Our students received six of the highly coveted Scholarships and this reflects the high level of our Academy’s work. Nearly all our team was aged 13 and under and this predicts a most positive future for our dance school.”

“We will continue to compete in Global as it’s an excellent platform especially for those wishing to go into dance further education.”

“Dancers are exposed to so many representatives of top world dance institutions. The fact that it was hybrid exposed us to very strong competitors of the other side of the world like America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, Macau, Chile, Mexico, Dubai, Brazil and Malaysia.”

“Most however did attend live acknowledging the importance of this dance event. Looking forward to participating next year and the challenges ahead.”

“Proudly we shall continue to coach and train our competition dancers for free as we have done for the past 30 years in an attempt to continue raising Gibraltar's dance standards. We simply love our passionate students to excel.”

Danza students took their Royal Academy of Dance Classical Ballet and their Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing Modern Theatre Dance Exams in June 2021 at the end of the pandemic.
The Academy was able to arrange for international examiners to travel to Gibraltar in those delicate times.

The Academy only recently received these Certificates from the world renown bodies which are the exam systems used by major vocational dance schools in the UK Danza is proud to be able to offer top tuition in these under their one roof.

Some 65 students took approximately 200 exams. Many students took three and even four exams. All dancers received Merits and Distinctions.

In the Classical exams students had to get more than 75 percent of marks to achieve Distinctions in Modern students had to get more than 80 percent of marks to be awarded this.

“Some 40 percent were awarded Distinctions in Classical Ballet and an impressive 100 percent Distinctions were achieved in Modern,” Danza Academy said.

“The latter is a most unique occurrence that has only happened once in Danza’s 31years history.”

Student ages varied between 2.5 years up to 15 years of age. In Classical exams were taken from the Pre-School Assessment Class to Grade 7.

The Pre-Intermediate Vocational Exam was also taken. In Modern exams were taken from Primary to the Pre-Intermediate Vocational Exam.

“We are very proud of our students who continuously work so hard and of their supportive parents,” said Danza Director Anne Marie Gomez.

“Most students learnt part of the syllabi during lockdown online. Their dedication, passion and talent obviously reflected in their amazing results which they truly deserved.”

On this occasion Danza presented Cups to students who had excelled in certain exam areas and general achievements throughout the year.

The Jonathan Lutwyche Cup was awarded to Alex Perry for being a most talented natural performer.

The Janice Felices Cup was awarded to Anna Hernandez for the highest Classical mark. This was achieved at Grade 7.

The Simon Bolland Cup was awarded to Sebastian Diaz for the second year running for his impeccable dancing and his constant theatricality. Sebastian achieved amazing exam results and recently excelled at The Global Dance Open achieving 3 Scholarships.

The Anne Marie Gomez Cup for amazing achievements was awarded to Alyssa Douglas who took an exam at 2.5 years of age. The youngest candidate ever at the Academy to achieve this.
The Zuleika Green Cup was awarded to Katie Jessop for her determination at overcoming obstacles.
The Erica Mc Grail Cup was awarded to Celine Sciortino for amazing results including being awarded a Bursary at The Global Dance Open for the Best Duet.
The Claire Mc Grail Cup was awarded to Gemma Casciaro for amazing results and also receiving The Global Dance Open Best Duet Bursary.
The Nicola Dewar Cup was awarded to Charlize Buhagiar for achieving high Distinctions in all her exams.
The Kayleigh Halmshaw cup was awarded to Isabella Mosquera for achieving high Distinctions in all exams taken.
The Angelina Haveland Cup was awarded to Analia Romero for her excellent exam results. Analia was awarded Distinctions for all her exams and obtained the highest female result for Modern.
The Steven Pardo Cup went to Vladimir Ionescu for his creative and passionate approach to dance.
The Anne-Marie Reading Cup went to Kate Vinent for having overcome obstacles successfully.
Examiners on this occasion were Mrs. Pauline Withers from the Royal Academy of Dance and Mrs Tina Rogers from The Imperial Society if Teachers of Dancing.

Danza results were as follows:
1st Mini Acro Solo - Robyn Xiberras ‘One Night Only’
1st Mini Acro Duet - Robyn Xiberras and May Montegriffo Santos ‘Ready or Not’
1st Mini Lyrical Duet - May Montegriffo Santos and Emi Takahashi ‘Fight Song’
1st Mini Jazz Group - Robyn Xiberras, May Montegriffo Santos, Amy Holmes, Jada Mascarenhas, Rihanne Goldwin, Emi Takahashi and Alex Perry ‘Grease Lightning’
1st Mini Lyrical Group - Robyn Xiberras, May Montegriffo Santos, Amy Holmes, Jada Mascarenhas, Rihanne Goldwin and Emi Takahashi ‘All That Matters’
1st Junior Jazz Duet /Trio - Celine Sciortino and Gemma Casciaro ‘Jet Set’
1st Junior Jazz Group - Celine Sciortino, Gemma Casciaro, Erin Doherty, Kate Vinent, Ruby Mc Grail, Lucia Diaz and Analia Romero ‘America’
1st - Intermediate Solo Jazz - Sebastian Diaz ‘Heads Will Roll’
1st - Intermediate Large Group Jazz - Sebastian Diaz, Adrianne Durante, Eva Doherty, Erin Doherty, Amelie Homatyano, Celine Sciortino, Gemma Casciaro, Kate Vinent, Ruby McGrail, Lucia Diaz & Emma Laguea ‘Italia’
2nd - Mini Folklore/National - Farrah Adnett ‘Ni mas ni menos’
2nd - Mini Jazz Solo - Robyn Xiberras ‘I Feel Pretty’
2nd - Mini Jazz Duet - Amy Holmes and Jada Mascarenhias ‘Friends Like Me’
2nd - Mini Jazz Group -Vladimir Ionescu, Kate Durante, Maddie Green, Farrah Adnett, Talia Ochello and Sienna Rocca ‘Beauty School Dropout’
2nd - Mini Lyrical Group - Kate Durante, Maddie Green, Farrah Adnett & Talia Ochello ‘Halo’
2nd - Mini Lyrical Duet - Amy Holmes and Danica Mascarenhias ‘The Rose’
2nd - Intermediate Lyrical Solo - Sebastian Diaz ‘Lost On You’
2nd - Junior Lyrical Duet - Erin Doherty and Kate Vinent ‘Jealous of Angels’
2nd - Intermediate Acro - Sebastian Diaz ‘Gangsters Paradise’
2nd - Junior Small Group Hip Hop/Street/Commercial - Evie Rodriguez, Hannah Blackshaw, Analia Romero, Lucia Diaz, Amelie Homatyano, Celine Sciortino, Gemma Casciaro, Kate Vinent & Ruby Mc Grail ‘Capricorn’
2nd - Mini Contemporary Duet - Rihanne Goldwin and Jada Mascarenhias ‘Birds’
2nd - Junior Acro Solo - Kate Vinent ‘Welcome to the Jungle’
3rd - Mini Jazz Duet - Jada Mascarenhias and Talia Ochello ‘The Ritz’
3rd - Mini Jazz Solo - May Montegriffo Santos ‘Singing in the Rain’
3rd - Mini Lyrical Duet - Talia Ochello and Maddie Green ‘Concrete Angel’
3rd - Junior Lyrical Group - Celine Sciortino, Gemma Casciaro, Kate Vinent, Ruby Mc Grail, Analia Romero, Lucia Diaz and Erin Doherty ‘Rise Up’
3rd - Junior Hip Hop /Street/Commercial Solo - Amelie Homatyano ‘Long Way Two Go’
3rd - Junior Jazz Duet - Lucia Diaz and Ruby Mc Grail ‘Marvellous Party’
3rd - Mini Ballet Large Group - Robyn Xiberras, May Montegriffo Santos, Rihanne Goldwin, Amy Holmes, Emi Takahashi, Jada Mascarenhias, Kate Durante, Talia Ochello, Maddie Green, Sienna Rocca, Farrah Adnett, Evie Delgado and Lucia Mifsud ‘Frozen’.
3rd - Intermediate Contemporary Large Group - Sebastian Diaz, Adrianne Durante, Eva Doherty, Erin Doherty, Lucia Diaz, Gemma Casciaro, Celine Sciortino, Kate Vinent, Ruby Mc Grail, Hannah Blackshaw, Analia Romero, Evie Rodriguez and Emma Laguea ‘Egyptians’.
3rd - Intermediate Solo Contemporary (Boys Category) - Sebastian Diaz ‘Rumour Has It’
3rd - Contemporary Senior - Gianella Ochello and Nathan Anson ‘Crazy In Love’
4th - Mini Contemporary Solo - Robyn Xiberras ‘Legends Never Die
4th Junior Hip /Hop /Street /Commercial Solo Ruby Mc Grail ‘All Me’
4th Mini Lyrical Solo - Robyn Xiberras ‘Angel’
4th Mini Jazz Duet - Celine Sciortino & Gemma Casciaro ‘Let Me Entertain You’
5th - Intermediate Ballet (Boys Category) - Sebastian Diaz ‘Bells of Notre Dame’
5th Mini Jazz Duet - Farrah Adnett & Kate Durante ‘Bathing Beauties’
5th Mini Lyrical Solo - Vladimir Ionescu ‘Don’t Want to Miss A Thing’
5th Mini Jazz Solo - Talia Ochello ‘Baby June’
Six scholarships:
Sebastian Diaz - ‘Heads Will Roll’ - Barcelona Institute Summer School
Sebastian Diaz - ‘Lost On You’ - Bird College Summer School
Sebastian Diaz - Ballet Class Performance -Steps On Broadway Summer School
Elsa Parody - ‘Diana’ - Bird College Summer School
Gianella Ochello - Jazz Workshop Performance -New York Dance Project 30% off One Year
Celine Sciortino and Gemma Casciaro - ‘Jet Set’- Best Duet 250 Euros Bursary

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