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Danza Academy wins Top Dancer Award at Global Dance Open

Danza Academy competed in an online World Event winning the Top Dancer Award and fourth Most Outstanding School.
The competition saw hundreds of dancers from 96 schools, nearly 700 routines and the participation of 35 countries including U.S.A., Australia. Canada, Brazil, England, Spain and Portugal.

Danza won one of the five Top Dancer Awards and was ranked the 4th Top Outstanding School. Gibraltar placed second in the country ranking.

12 year old Lili Murphy was awarded the Top Dancer Award for her piece ‘Lay by Your Side’ choreographed by Anne Marie Gomez.

Lili scored the highest mark over the two first days of the Competition, 97.3%, together with soloists from Canada and Brazil and the highest score of the first Gala.

Lili scored the highest Solo Lyrical Score and was awarded one of the five Top Dancer Awards which had a monetary bursary.

Danza Academy showed five pieces in Gala one.

These pieces had to come first with scores over 90 per cent and be invited by the judges who were all world renown dance artists in influential positions.

Three of these Danza routines were soloists. The Academy feels extremely proud of this achievement as these young dancers aspire to become professionals.

Sebastian Diaz aged 12 years choreographed his Gala performance ’Tarzan’ and his other solo winning pieces.

The winning Acro Duet at the Gala by Sebastian and Lili was choreographed by themselves. Young soloist Analia Romero aged 9 years not only danced in the Gala ‘Miracles’ but also came first for the Mini Jazz Category and all her six pieces made it to the podium.

Some 49 Danza pieces made it to the Global Finals out of which 42 competed and 21 had podium positions. All podium pieces except one scored over 80 per cent and 12 over 90.

Danza Academy also praised all the competing dancers for their focus, determination and commitment during lockdown and throughout the filming of pieces.

“Present and future rewards are always the result of sheer hard work,” the Academy said.

“Danza would also like to greatly thank the ever supportive parents.”

Mini Solo Lyrical: ‘There Can be Miracles’ 91.3 Analia Romero
Junior Solo Lyrical and highest score of the whole competition: ‘Lay By Your Side’ 97.3 Lili Murphy
Junior Solo Acro: ‘Tarzan’ 93.8 Sebastian Diaz
Junior Duet /Trio Acro: ‘Alive’ 92.3 Lili Murphy and Sebastian Diaz
Junior Small Jazz Group: ‘All that Jazz’ 91.3. Sebastian Diaz, Lili Murphy, Ella Byrne, Maxine Sciortino and Adrianne Durante.


Junior Lyrical Duet: ‘Angel’ 91.0 Sebastian Diaz and Elsa Parody
Junior Group Piece: ‘All that Jazz’ 91.3
Lili Murphy, Sebastian Diaz, Ella Byrne, Maxine Sciortino, Adrianne Durante
Junior Acro: ‘Tarzan’ 93.8 Sebastian Diaz
Junior Acro Duet: ‘Alive’ 92.3 Sebastian Diaz and Lili Murphy
Junior Solo Folklore: ‘Cojiste la Maleta’ 90 Gemma Casciaro
Mini Lyrical: ‘There Can be Miracles’ 91.3 Analia Romero
Junior Lyrical: ‘Lay by Your Side’ 97.3 Lili Murphy
Mini Jazz: ‘Cabaret’ 91.3 Analia Romero


Intermediate Lyrical Duet: ‘Remember Me’ 91.3 Amy Segovia and Katie Jessop
Junior Lyrical Group: ‘Enchanted Forest’ 90.3 Sebastian Diaz, Ella Byrne, Rebecca Benggio, Eva Doherty, Maxine Sciortino, Adrianne Durante
Junior Jazz Group: ‘Jellicle Cats’ 89.3 Analia Romero, Erin Doherty, Lucia Diaz, Ruby Mc Grail, Kate Vinent, Gemma Casciaro, Celine Sciortino
Mini Hip Hop/Street Solo: ‘Taki Taki’ 87 Analia Romero
Junior Hip Hop /Street Group: ‘Rythm is a Dancer’ 86.3 Analia Romero, Gemma Casciaro, Ruby Mc Grail, Kate Vinent, Celine Sciortino
Junior Folklore: ‘Cojiste la Maleta’ 80.3 Ruby Mc Grail
Mini Lyrical Solo: ‘Human’ 90 Hannah Blackshaw
Junior Lyrical Solo: ‘Hanging Tree’ 96.3 Sebastian Diaz
Junior Contemporary Solo: ‘In the Air Tonight’ 88 Gemma Casciaro
Senior Folkore Trio: ‘Libertad’ Nicola Dewar, Kayleigh Halmshaw and Angelina Haveland.

Advanced Duet Lyrical: ‘Died in Your Arms Tonight’ 83.7 Nicola Dewar and Kayleigh Halmshaw
Mini Acro Solo: ‘Lion King’ 82.5 Analia Romero
Junior Folklore Solo: ‘Cojiste la Maleta’ 79.3 Kate Vinent

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