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Developer seeks green light for 13-storey town project

An application for a 13-storey development in the heart of the old town in 81-75 Engineer Lane has been filed with the Town Planner.

The developer, Phoenix Capital Ltd, is seeking permission to create a mixed-use development that will consist of three levels of parking, one level of office space and a gym, and nine levels of residential units.

Architects WSRM Ltd drew up the plans for the developer.

81-75 Engineers Lane 2

James Brenig, from Phoenix Capital, told the Chronicle that the building will be a luxury development, “but not necessarily at that price point”.

It is “designed to be affordable with 50% of the building having either studio or one-bedroomed apartments, to help people get on the ladder.”

Mr Brenig is aiming for a family-focused environment throughout the rest of the building, with two, three and four bedroomed-apartments.

He describes the units as “nice and cosy” with a “city living type design”.

The inspiration behind the design of the development is a fusion of both New York external architecture and London interior styles, with a concierge on the ground level.

There is a total of 56 apartments and at present 41 car parking spaces which the developer is looking to increase to 59.

There will be a shared electric car within the building that residents will be able to rent out.

The ground floor will have nine car parking spaces and two car lifts. The first floor will have 11 car parking spaces, the second level will have 21 spaces.

The third floor will house a gym that is 50 square meters and office spaces including a boardroom filling up 545 square meters.

There will be 14 apartments on the fourth and fifth floors, ranging in size from 22 square meters to 43.

On level six and seven there will be six apartments, ranging in size from 60 to 90 square meters. Terraces will also feature on these levels

The seventh, eight and ninth floor will house four apartments with terraces, the majority of which are larger than the units on other floors.

On the tenth level there will be three apartments and terraces, on level 11 and 12 there will be two apartments.

Green and environmentally friendly elements of the building are also being incorporated into the design.
There will be an extensive green roof with plants and substrate that “provides an improved ecosystem to urban areas,” states the architect.

It also “provides improved storm water management by temporarily retaining and therefore reducing the speed of rainwater flow, thus aiding in reducing the load of rainwater volume into the existing stormwater drainage infrastructure.”

It further “reduces heat gains and heat losses through the roof build-up due its increased thermal mass properties. Additionally, it aids in regulating the building temperature as well as reduces urban heat-island effects from radiant heat emissions, effecting lower power consumptions,” the architect added.

The green roof also aims to reduce ambient noise pollution and improve air quality, to be visually attractive and therefore improve psychological well-being.

In addition, the development hopes it will aid in providing an urban wildlife habitat.

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