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Digital Skills Academy and PwC team up for blockchain interactive workshop

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The Gibraltar Digital Skills Academy and PwC Gibraltar have partnered to deliver a training session focused on blockchain and reflecting Gibraltar’s role at the forefront of the blockchain and distributed ledger technology sectors.

The PwC Blockchain Experience workshop will be delivered by industry experts and aims to explain the concept of blockchain to general audiences via the “Blockchain Game”.

Participants will work in teams to perform the role of nodes within a blockchain guided by PwC facilitators and instructors.

The simulation runs over three levels, with each level adding increased complexity to more accurately simulate an actual blockchain.

The workshop will also cover the theory behind blockchain technology and its applications.

No previous knowledge or experience of blockchain is required and is aimed at undergraduate students.

The aim of the training session is for students to get a real feel for blockchain technologies, understand how they work and their different applications.

Luke Walsh, PwC Gibraltar Crypto Leader, said: “The PwC Blockchain Experience is an interactive session where participants take an active role in building a paper based blockchain.”

“The participants are split into groups, where each group forms a node in the blockchain network, with participants taking the roles of validator, recorder and distributor, of transactions within our blockchain.”

“We provided this training to our PwC Summer Interns during 2021 and it received very positive feedback, we look forward to running the session and reaching a wider audience with the assistance of The Gibraltar Digital Skills Academy.”

Stewart Harrison, Founding Trustee of The Gibraltar Digital Skills Academy, added: “This is such an exciting project ... for two main reasons: One, we are delivering a relevant course in an area which is becoming a real pillar in our economy and job market ... it is only right that we deliver educational programs on the subject.”

“Two, we are delivering a course at the Academy for University students in such an exciting space.”

“Being at University is a once in a lifetime experience for so many reasons, with one of them being able to experience and learn about the latest technology and research.”

“When you combine that with coming home to Gibraltar and gaining hands-on and relevant experience in blockchain, it is a very powerful combination and will be a great experience for them.”

“The Academy’s aims are to give students the best and most relevant learning experiences and this falls 100% under that criteria.”

“This is only the start with future partnerships and projects in the pipeline.”

“I am so grateful to Luke, Sean and everyone else at PwC who will be delivering the course, and I am sure the students who attend will be too."

The workshop will be held in line with Gibraltar Public Health and Government guidelines.

Students can enrol by filling in the following form:

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