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DPC approves gate installation at Mons Calpe Mews

November DPC 2018

Mons Calpe Mews will now become a gated community after the Development and Planning Commission granted the estate management company permission to install gate enclosures at different entry points to podium level.

In seeking permission the estate management company flagged complaints from pensioners regarding the noise of non-resident children playing in the football pitch below them during lunchtime, non-residents being careless with the playground equipment, non-residents allowing their dogs to foul and non-residents bullying resident children.

The approval will see the intercom system for each of the blocks within the estate being connected to an intercom at the main gate on Waterport.

An AGM was held in the estate and all 401 apartments voted in favour of the new gates.

The estate management team told the Commission that non-residents are less careful with the equipment in the play area and that on a Friday night non-resident youth use the disabled swing as a climbing frame. This area cannot be fenced off due to the podium membrane.

Regarding non-residents coming onto the estate, the management company said that they do not have an issue with residents allowing their dogs to foul. The estate rules stipulate that no dogs are allowed on the podium.

Bullying is a concern because at present non-resident children and warning resident children to tell anyone who asked they are guests if not they will beat them up outside of school. With the two new schools currently being built near the homes residents are concerned that bullying will increase.

One of the blocks in the estate is home to pensioners who have said that the increase in the number of children playing in the football pitch during lunchtime is creating a lot of unwelcomed noise. These residents also stated that there are too many children playing there. The estate management company said some of these children are non-residents.

The application was approved unanimously.

Other applications
It was agreed that an Environmental Impact Assessment for the application for the proposed installation of additional storage tanks within the exiting tank farm and concrete bund at theno2 Jetty on the North Mole will not be required.

The proposed gin distillery at 8 George's Lane gained approval with alerted the applicant that despite gaining planning permission, it might not get consent from building control to operate as a business as the premises has no toilet.

The applicant sought permission to create a gin distillery where they would operate tours, that take approximately one hour, where no alcohol will be consumed on the premises bar a small taster. Sealed bottles of the gin will be available for purchase at the end of the tour.

The application for the proposed alterations and additions to the existing building of Lancashire House, 8 John Snow Close was refused and gained no approvals from any of the Commission. The scale, massing and the fact the applicant hadn’t taken on board points made by the Town Planner for a different application for the site were some of the reasons the project was refused.

The Commission gave approval to the retrospective application for the change of use for the address 7 Bell Lane into a takeaway.

An application for the proposed conversion of a store unit and electrical room into a new studio apartment at The Arches, Castle Road was approved. However, the proposed conversion of a vacant retail unit at the same address into two apartments was refused. The Commission told the applicant it should broaden its search for potential businesses into the retail unit or reduce the cost of the unit to make it more attractive.

The outline planning application for the proposed construction of three external private car parking bays which can be accessed from Sandpits car park was approved.

The retrospective application for installation of fascia signage at the UMee suite in Eurotowers was refused as submitted. The applicant can review its signage and return to the Commission with a new application.

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