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Environmental department in Marine Mammal Medic Rescue Course

Officials from the Department of the Environment’s Technical Team and Environmental Protection Officers have carried out a Marine Mammal Medic Rescue Course, including live exercises, with experts from the UK’s British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR).

Representatives from the Nautilus Project and the Marine Mammal Information, Research and Conservation Group (MMIRC) were also invited to undertake the course.

“BDMLR is a UK based non-governmental organisation which has been involved with the rescue of marine wildlife since 1988,” the Ministry for the Environment said.

“The Marine Mammal Medic Rescue course is a full day training programme designed to provide operatives with the basic knowledge, skills and expertise to enable teams to respond effectively to callouts involving marine mammals in distress such as dolphins and whales.”

Every year, BDMLR trains over 1,000 Marine Mammal Medics.

The organisation has over 20 whale and dolphin rescue pontoons located at strategic points throughout the UK, including one in Gibraltar, that can be used help stranded whales and dolphins.

Minister for the Environment Dr John Cortes said: “Improving our local response capabilities to marine mammals in distress is crucial to maximise the chances of saving any stranded animals that may reach our shores.”

“I have therefore always been committed to further expanding the training needs of the Department and stakeholders actively working to safeguard these emblematic species which we are privileged to have on our doorstep. It is our duty.”

The general public is kindly reminded that any sightings of marine animals in distress should be reported to the Department’s Environmental Protection and Research Unit (EPRU) as soon as possible on 58009620.

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