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Feetham was ‘judged too harshly’, Sir Peter Caruana says

Former Chief Minister and GSD Leader Sir Peter Caruana yesterday defended Daniel Feetham’s political track record and said public opinion in Gibraltar had judged him “a little too harshly”.
Sir Peter said the GSD would survive, but ruled himself out from a return to frontline politics.
In an interview with GBC, Sir Peter said Mr Feetham had made the right decision for his family in stepping down as Leader of the party.
He said Mr Feetham had been a “brave, courageous and committed” party leader.
“Some of the issues that he has courageously tackled are things that any self-respecting opposition would and is obliged and has a duty to do regardless of whether it ignites the electorate’s interest,” Sir Peter said.
“And this is what Danny has done, he has had to confront issues which are not the issues that excite people in the street in sufficiently large numbers and this has come back to haunt him.”
Sir Peter asserted that Gibraltar desperately needs two strong political parties for the political system to work, adding that the GSD will survive.
“It is still the best option for that second political party in Gibraltar to take over from the GSLP when the electorate think that that is in Gibraltar’s best interests.”
With regards to Mr Feetham’s successor Sir Peter said that individual would need to capture the interest and support of all sectors of the GSD both internally within the party and within its traditional voter base.
“I believe that there are people out there who instinctively are members of the GSD family who could, if they were interested in a political career, take a step forward and seize this opportunity,” he said.
Asked if he was tempted to come back into the political fold he replied: “It’s always tempting but I have said that I am done with party politics in Gibraltar and I think that is right.”
“For a start I don’t think my family would allow me to return to politics of that sort even if the opportunity arose.”
“People gave me a fantastic opportunity of 16 years to shape the destiny of this community, I did what I could and I am always there as I have been since the day I lost the election in December 2011 to assist whatever government is in office of whatever political colour in whatever way I can… to the resolution of this or that problem that Gibraltar might face at any given moment and that, I think, is as best I can help Gibraltar today.”

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