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Firefighters called out over Queen’s beacon

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The Queen’s 90th birthday was marked with the lighting of over a thousand beacons, including a beacon lit at the Moorish Castle which prompted a visit from the Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Services [GFRS].

Manar Bentahayekt lit the beacon alongside her friend Alexandra Perera, but as the fire grew sirens in the distance could be heard.

The flames, which could be seen across the Rock, had prompted civilians to report the fire to firefighters.

Firemen attended the scene and were quickly informed that the Moorish Castle was not on fire and took no further action.

A police officer riding a motorbike also attended the scene.

A spokesman for the Gibraltar Government said the fire services had been contacted prior to the event.

“The Fire Safety department of GFRS were informed of the proposed lighting of the beacon and had advised as to the safety precautions which needed to be taken,” the spokesman said.

“Both the controllers and the watch on duty were aware of the lighting of the beacon.”

“There were, however, various calls received from members of the public reporting a fire in the area.”

“GFRS could not be sure that this was simply the beacon and they therefore decided to deploy an appliance.”

“GFRS could not ignore reports from the public of a fire and assume that this was related to the beacon.”

The beacon filled with fire lighters shone brightly with Governor Lieutenant General Edward Davis, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo, Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia, and their wives Lorraine, Justine and Penny in attendance.


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