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Fresh exchange in union row

Unite the Union has accused the civil service union of misconstruing its comments with regards to the Master Service issue and then capitalising on this.
As the row over the matter continued yesterday, Unite, in an open letter, underscored that it is not against nationalisation and said it has requested the nationalisation of Master Service on multiple occasions.
It said: “The GGCA has willingly misconstrued our message and capitalised on this, accusing Unite against the nationalisation of Master Service and being in favour of privatisation, when this is not the case.”
Unite explained that in the last 10 years it has negotiated the nationalisation of three large entities, as well as a few others, from the Private Sector, these being the Borders and Coastguard Agency, which were the old Security and Immigration Limited, the GATL and the Lunch School Attendants, accounting for over 400 posts.
“Unite hopes that our position on the matter is now clear, meaning that we are not against nationalisation.”
With regards to the nationalisation of Master Service Unite said it has requested this on multiple occasions to both the previous and current administrations, where the reply has always been the same: no.
Unite said it is a responsible union and has always been coherent with its members.
“Given the times that are upon us with Brexit, requesting nationalisation at present is giving those employees false expectations and leading them up the garden path,” Unite added.
But, it said, if the GGCA is capable of delivering the nationalisation of Master Service to the benefit of all employees, Unite will applaud it.
“Given that the GGCA has adopted such a Bolshevist attitude however, which, incidentally, greatly pleases Unite, perhaps it is the moment to push for the total integration of the ring-fenced Civil Servants and GDC Workforce as fully fledged Civil Servants.”
“The GGCA has historically discriminated against these colleagues' integration, considering them second class employees, something that Unite does not share, has always defended and will continue to press for aggressively,” Unite claimed.
“Additionally, we recognise that the GGCA is being publicly silent on the MOD, but behind closed doors, the GGCA should take care of not becoming the mouthpiece of the UK Government against the interests of Gibraltar and its MOD civilian workforce all the while not having negotiating rights for this area.”
Unite added that it waits with ‘baited breath’ the GGCA's reply, and perhaps it will be apparent to all who has 'the best interests of the workforce at heart' as well as true Trade Union values.

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