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GBC exit poll tips thin 0.8% lead for GSD

Photo by Stephen Ignacio.

The GSD would clinch the election and govern with nine MPs, according to GBC’s exit poll which gave the party a wafer-thin 0.8% lead.

The exit poll found 49.6% voted GSD and 48.8% voted GSLP/Liberals, with Independent Social Democrat, Robert Vasquez, unable to secure a seat in parliament with just 1.6% of the vote.

The GSLP/Liberals would win eight seats, with two Liberal candidates Leslie Bruzon and Vijay Daryanani left out of Parliament.

On the GSD side, Youssef El Hana scored the fewest votes of the party and, according to the poll, had not secured a seat.

The results are similar to the last two Chronicle/GBC polls, which found the GSD would govern with nine.

But despite movements across the board, the top 10 candidates have remained relatively the same.

The running order for the exit poll of those in the top 17 was Mr Azopardi (GSD/718); Damon Bossino (GSD/710); Roy Clinton (GSD/698); Dr Joseph Garcia (Liberal/683); Fabian Picardo (GSLP/679); Gemma Arias-Vasquez (GSLP/676); Craig Sacarello (GSD/670); Nigel Feetham (GSLP/660); John Cortes (GSLP/647); Edwin Reyes (GSD/647); Joelle Ladislaus (GSD/638); Christian Santos (GSLP/626); Giovanni Origo (GSD/624); Pat Orfila (GSLP/621); Daniella Tilbury (GSD/612); Sir Joe Bossano (GSLP/605); Atrish Sanchez (GSD/598).

The four remaining candidates who would not make Parliament according to the poll were Leslie Bruzon (Liberal/595); Vijay Daryanani (Liberal/571); Youssef El Hana (GSD/546); and Robert Vasquez (Independent Social Democrat/212).

The exit poll was conducted outside all 15 polling stations and sampled 1,403 people, round 5.6% of the electorate.

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