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GGCA retracts and says 90% bullying figure was ‘genuine mistake’

The GGCA has corrected a survey finding that suggested 90% of civil service and public sector respondents had experienced bullying at work.

When the survey was released on Tuesday, the Chronicle contacted the union to check whether the figure was an error. We were told it was not.

However yesterday, the GGCA said the figure was, in fact, incorrect, putting the “genuine mistake” down to a misprint in the survey results.

“The 90% given in the communique was the percentage answer to a follow-up question regarding how people had been bullied,” the GGCA said.

“Therefore, the actual percentage of people within the civil and public service that declare having been bullied within the service is 41%.”

“Copies of the misprint will be kept in our GGCA Offices in case anyone would like to verify the genuine error.”

“To this end, the GGCA would like to express that 41% of Civil and Public Servants declaring that they have been bullied in the service are still quite an alarming figure.”

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