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GHA and Unite announce ‘regularising’ of posts

The Gibraltar Health Authority and Unite the Union have today announced that 81 permanent contracts have been offered to nursing and industrial workers who were previously on temporary contracts.

In a joint statement the GHA and Unite explained that the “regularisation” of posts followed “close collaboration” and discussions as part of “positive industrial relations”

The 81 positions affected by the decision include 13 nursing trainees who successfully completed their six Nursing Assistant Training Programme and have been employed as Nursing Assistants.

Some 17 Bank Nursing Assistants’ contracts have also been varied to full time substantive appointments.

Five domestic services staff members have been promoted to Supervisor – Domestic Services after being acting in post for over three years.

Additionally, 23 part-time General Operative Domestics’ employment contracts have been varied to full-time employment following the GHA recruitment process and 16 Supply General Operative Domestics’ employment contracts have been varied to part time substantive appointments following the GHA recruitment process.

Seven supply General Operative Labourers’ employment contracted have been varied to full time substantive appointments after being on continuous supply employment for over two years.

The Ministry for Health has highlighted and thanked Minister Joe Bossano and his colleagues from the Economic Development and Employment Company for their support in regularising the posts.

“The newly appointed members of staff are also to be thanked for their cooperation and positive contribution to the GHA. Last but not least, the Government wishes to express its appreciation to Unite the Union, its Chairperson, Convenors and Shop Stewards for their continued partnership,” the statement read.

The Minister for Health, Care and Justice, Neil Costa, said: “I am very pleased with the extraordinarily positive steps my Ministry and the GHA have taken to regularise the employment positions of many of our dedicated, committed and hardworking staff.”

“It was most certainly the right and proper action to take to reflect our appreciation of our employees and to properly welcome them into the GHA family.”

“I also owe a debt of gratitude to my colleague, Joe Bossano, the Minister for Economic Development, for his patience and advice and Unite Officials for having brought all of these positions to my attention and for working so closely with my teams and I to make this a reality.”

“I wish to thank everyone for their patience and for allowing us to conduct these discussions in a positive spirit of understanding and collaboration.”

For his part Victor Ochello, Senior Regional Officer of Unite the Union, stated: “The regularisation of these posts into substantive appointments is a great achievement for those concerned with a dramatic positive impact on job security and terms and conditions.”

“Unite will always strive to improve upon its members circumstances and we are satisfied that we have been able to do so within the GHA.”

“It would be amiss if I were not to thank our extensive network of Workplace Reps and Lay Member Officials in supporting and assisting the organisation in achieving its aims.”

“It takes two sides to negotiate and to this extent I would also like to highlight that were it not for the very positive partnership that Unite has entered into with Minister Neil Costa and the GHA Management, which has been critical to arrive at this outcome, I dare say that we would now be contemplating alternative options in order to meet our members concerns."

“We look forward to further positive outcomes in the GHA, and whilst we are on the right track in addressing our members’ concerns, we have only just begun the journey.”

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