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Gibraltar presents a united front against cancer

This year, Gibraltar’s cancer charities have teamed up to communicate a united message to the Rock for World Cancer Day, Friday February 3.

Cancer Research UK, Bosom Buddies, Prostate Cancer Gibraltar, Breast Cancer Support Gibraltar, Prostate Cancer Gibraltar, Blood Cancer UK (Gibraltar Branch), Cancer Relief and A Pathway through Pain have sent their World Cancer Day message ahead of the event they and the GHA will hold outside St Bernard’s Hospital this Friday.

Blood Cancer

The Blood Cancer UK Gibraltar Branch have in recent months been working hard raising the profile of the Blood Cancer UK charity in Gibraltar as well as organising several fundraising events. During September, which is Blood Cancer Awareness Month, we challenged people to walk 5km whilst wearing red and we also asked them to take a selfie and post it online.
In October we held a High Tea where we sold over 100 tickets and we raffled plenty of prizes and raised some much needed funds for Blood Cancer UK.
We as a committee are dedicated to raising funds for Blood Cancer UK because they carry out such vital research on treatments for over 100 types of blood cancers some of which are still incurable. Blood Cancer UK are determined to find a cure for all Blood Cancers and believe they can do it in the next 5 years so please donate to help save lives.
Account name: Blood wise Gibraltar
Sort code: 60-60-60
Account number: 48140848

Bosum Buddies

World Cancer Day is a great opportunity to get all local cancer charities together and under the same roof. This year it will be held outside the Hospital entrance. Local charities will have stands with information pertinent to what each does throughout the year. It is another great way of raising awareness amongst cancer survivors, as to how they too can get involved with the charity of their choice, and become volunteers.

World Cancer Day is an ideal communication platform for people diagnosed with cancer, as they can talk, in person, to the Committee members that can help them in a variety of ways and introduce them to other survivors suffering from the same diagnosis.

The Bosom Buddies Cancer Trust looks for a positive angle to help cancer survivors, and it is at World Cancer Day, that we can talk about all these things and help survivors to aim for a better quality of life, during and after their illness.

The charity reminds you to follow their motto: “Early detection equals survival”

Breast Cancer Support Gibraltar

Breast Cancer Support Gibraltar would very much like to stress the importance of not missing the appointment for the free mammogram which we get every 2 years as from the age of 40. Early detection is critical to preventing women from dying from breast cancer. The earlier cancer is diagnosed and treated the bigger chances of survival are.

The charity would like to take this opportunity to remind ladies to ensure their details are up-to-date at the Primary Care Centre (PCC). Often addresses are incomplete, or telephone numbers are old and the PCC has no way of contacting them, resulting in many appointment letters being returned to the Radiology Dept.

We would like to thank the Radiology Dept for its continued support in enhancing the Breast Screening Programme. To this end the charity would like to take this opportunity to, once again, thank the community for their generosity, without their support the Charity would not be able to make these very important contributions.

Donations to the charity can be made to Breast Cancer Support Gibraltar, A/C Number 10216701, Sort Code 40-51-78

Cancer Relief

In line with World Cancer Day, our message this year is Strong Alone, Unstoppable Together. Today, we are delighted to be coming together with all the cancer care charities in Gibraltar to highlight the importance of working together to provide the best possible support after a cancer diagnosis.
At Cancer Relief, our message is: No matter how cancer may have affected you - whether it’s yourself or you are supporting a loved one, get in touch today. From diagnosis to advice about lowering your risk, to support with living life after cancer, we are here for a one-off chat or day-to-day support – however you may need us.
Don’t be afraid to seek out advice and help. We will always do our very best to support you, today and every day.
To find out more, to donate or to volunteer with us, visit or any of our social media platforms.

Cancer Research UK

World Cancer Day is one singular initiative under which the entire world can unite together in the fights against the global cancer epidemic. On the 4 February World Cancer Day, a day that unites people, communities and entire countries to raise awareness and take action each for their individual cause but collectively fighting a common enemy.

Cancer is a global challenge, in 2018 18 million people world-wide were diagnosed with cancer. The prospects of major advances in tackling cancer have never been greater, and international collaboration and funding are essential in realising these opportunities. By doing this, Cancer Research UK can transform the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, benefitting people with the disease around the world.

We are all in this fight together!

Pancreatic Cancer

Our World Cancer Day main message is to the general public and that is to “get to know the symptoms of pancreatic cancer, it’s the fastest-killing cancer with the lowest survival rate!”

Our aim is to continue with our ongoing awareness campaign to improve the survival rate of pancreatic cancer by ensuring more people are diagnosed early and in time for surgery. We will continue to closely work with the GHA to promote awareness of this horrible disease which is so difficult to diagnose at an early stage due to its vague symptoms that can be mistaken for common health problems or conditions.
Public awareness of pancreatic cancer is very low, the statistics showing that more than half of patients having not heard of the disease before their own diagnosis.
More people need to know the symptoms of pancreatic cancer and go to see a doctor as soon as they have any of the symptoms.

Account Name: Pancreatic Cancer Awareness
Sort Code: 60-83-14
Account No: 14302001

Pathways Through Pain

June 2005 saw the launching of the charity ‘A Pathway Through Pain’ as a tribute to the late Jenise Payas who was a teacher at Bayside. The charity was officially recognised and received legal standing early in 2006. It is now registered as charity 177.

A Pathway Through Pain primarily aims to provide financial assistance to families who are experiencing extreme financial difficulties as a result of the serious illness of one of its members. It also tries to service other cancer charities when it is financially able to do so. The charity also tries to encourage the participation of school children and of students in higher education in some of its fundraising activities and through such participation hopes to promote their educational advancement by making them aware of the need to assist others in times of need.

The fundraising activities are always challenging and participants usually have to train for a number of weeks in order to be able to complete the task. Essentially participants must travel through their own little pathway of pain before being able to complete the challenge.
For more information, contact :

Prostate Cancer Gibraltar

The overarching aim of Prostate Cancer Gibraltar (PCG) is to reduce as much as possible the number of deaths caused by this disease in our community. As well as raising awareness, we offer support and advice to men affected by prostate cancer and other urology-related illnesses and their families.

Early detection of prostate cancer has been proven to save lives.

For this reason, we strongly encourage men aged 50 and over to have an annual PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) test. This is a non-invasive procedure consisting of a simple blood test. You don’t need to see a doctor first. All you have to do is send an email with your full name, date of birth, GHA number and contact details to:

36 men have already gone for further investigation since the introduction of this new, streamlined system two months ago.

PCG also raises funds to buy prostate-related medical equipment for the GHA. Our next target is to provide a walk-in urology diagnostic suite at St. Bernard’s Hospital that would benefit both male and female patients.

Please help us achieve this objective by donating at

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