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Govt launches booklet to champion Remain vote

The Gibraltar Government yesterday launched a booklet highlighting the importance of a strong vote in favour of remaining in the European Union.

The Government, together with Opposition MPs and community leaders, are absolutely convinced that the future of Gibraltar lies within the European Union.

If the Rock does not achieve a high-turnout on June 23 it could leave Gibraltar in a weaker position when it comes to the UK negotiating a post-Brexit settlement with the European Union.

“In the event of the UK voting to leave the EU and we having a very high turnout in favour of remaining in the EU, I think that would strengthen our hand,” the Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia said.

The Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, recently raised the question of Gibraltar talking directly to the EU and trying to negotiate its own deal under the umbrella of the UK, Dr Garcia said.

“All these are issues where we feel our hand would be considerably strengthened by a very high turnout and a very high turnout in favour of remaining in the European Union,” he added.

At a press conference yesterday, Dr Garcia took the opportunity to urge people to vote to remain in the EU – something the Government will no longer be able to do once ‘purdah’ kicks in on May 27.

The booklet will be distributed to all households in Gibraltar and inserted into local newspapers as from this week.

This follows the practice in the UK where the British Government also published and distributed an information booklet setting out its position.

There are five key areas where the EU plays a key role, namely: politically, economically, security, freedom of movement and Europe at the service of the citizen, in which it is in Gibraltar’s best interests to stay within the EU, Dr Garcia said yesterday.


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