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Govt launches new bus route and online real time tracking

The Gibraltar Government has introduced a new pilot bus route, along with a real time Bus Tracker WebApp and a new bus company website.

Commencing next Monday, route 6 starts at Market Place Terminus, proceeds down Waterport Road to Mid-Harbour Estate via St Bernard’s Hospital, turning at the roundabout and back along the same route.

Minister for Transport, Traffic and Technical Services, Paul Balban, said: “One of the problems we have is that there are many buses that serve the route from Market Place to Morrison’s but there is no dedicated route that does it.”

“Loads of people want to get to Morrison’s so we have decided to provide a bus specifically for that purpose, it’s a short route that will do all the West Side area.”

As a result, modifications to existing Routes 4 and 9 will also take place, essentially these routes will become shorter.

“We believe it will make the routes more efficient, more effective,” said Mr Balban.

The changes are a pilot scheme that form part of the Draft Sustainable Traffic, Transport and Parking Plan.

The new Bus Tracking WebApp, developed by the Government’s Information Technology & Logistics Department, will provide a real-time bus tracking service for all routes offered by the Gibraltar Bus Company.

However, at the moment only routes 2 and 3 are currently available. Mr Balban expects that all routes will be available by the end of this year.

The WebApp gives real-time bus information to anyone with internet access on their mobile or desktop devices. Mr Balban said in the future this real time information will be provided at bus stops.

Accessing the WebApp via the bus company’s website is done by selecting the “big red button”, users select a bus route, which will then show a transit map that will display where buses are located. The buses will move across the map in real-time.

“If it’s bold it means the bus is actually at the bus stop, if it’s not bold it’s between bus stops,” said Mr Balban.

Speaking about the WebApp Mr Balban said: “I am very happy to see the launch of the Gibraltar Bus Tracker WebApp and the updated website platform….. which will improve the public transport experience of bus users by facilitating real time information.”

He also thanked the Gibraltar Bus Company and the Information Technology & Logistics Department for their hard work.

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