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Govt urges ‘extreme caution’ from young people after virus case linked to Costa party scene

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Gibraltarian youngsters are being urged to be “extremely cautious” when socialising this summer after the latest positive Covid-19 case in Gibraltar yesterday was linked to the party scene Marbella.

The Rock yesterday registered six active cases, with four residents and two visitors who tested positive for Covid-19. The overall number remained the same as the precious day because one resident had made a full recovery.

The latest case has been linked with socialising in the Costa del Sol, and the Government of Gibraltar said there has been more than one case linked to Marbella and nightclubs or bars and parties over the last few weeks.

The Director for Public Health, Dr Sohail Bhatti, tweeted: “Watch out! Cases rising along the Costa del Sol and Campo de Gibraltar. Andalusia in general, keep safe. Avoid bars, night clubs and parties for the next few weeks. Pass it on. Our positive linked with Marbella already here.”

Although the Government would not comment on individual cases, it said: “Our normal process for positive cases is that they self-isolate for ten days but they may be tested again if there is a clinical indication or if they are going back into a particularly high risk setting.”

“The Government would urge everyone to be extremely cautious at this time as the number of cases is increasing in Andalusia, especially along the Costa del Sol and the Campo areas.”

“Young people in particular could bring the virus into Gibraltar when they are pre-symptomatic and spread to their grandparents.”

“Let us not waste all the hard work of February, March, April and May in an ephemeral moment of August partying.”

The latest case brings the total number of confirmed cases to 190 on the Rock.
At present there are nine results pending while a total of 94 individuals are self-isolating.

A total of 23,063 tests have been carried out and 184 people in Gibraltar have made a full recovery.


The World Health Organisation said more and more younger people are becoming infected with Covid-19 than before, as a result of an increase in socialising during the summer months in this part of the world.

The Government said this trend is clearly present in Spain where young people make up an ever-increasing proportion of infections.

“The Government wishes to stress to everyone that they should take extra care when socialising, particularly in Spain as the threat from the pandemic is still with us,” the Government said in a statement.

“It is essential to adhere to the rules in Gibraltar and the rules in Spain, depending where you are, and to bear in mind that such rules are not the same.”

In Gibraltar gatherings of more than 20 people remain illegal while restaurants can only accommodate a maximum of 10 people on one table.

“The evidence from the Campo and the Costa clearly suggests that the virus is being spread at parties, barbeques, family gatherings and especially in nightclubs,” the Government said, adding that a Marbella nightclub, Olivia Valere, had to be closed down by authorities after several of its staff contracted coronavirus.

“On this evidence it seems to be a younger demographic who are passing the virus from one to another so the message for our young people is clearly that parties are active breeding grounds for Covid-19,” the Government added.

“There is a serious risk that a youngster at a party can pick up the virus and then return home and infect others, including parents or grandparents.”

“This can cause serious illness or even death to themselves or their loved ones.”

“The Government wishes to stress to everyone, but particularly to our young people, that they should take great care when socialising, both here and in Spain.”

“It is more important than ever to obey the law and to stick to the rules.


Meanwhile the Campo registered five new cases of Covid-19 yesterday, bringing the total number of active cases of 37 cases in the area.

The Campo is currently investigating two clusters of the virus, with 18 people having contracted the virus in one cluster, and another affecting nine individuals.

Across Andalusia, there are a total of there were 316 new confirmed cases across the region.

This comes as the Junta imposed stricter rules on those catering to the evening trade after it said the latest Covid-19 outbreaks are being traced to young people partying.

Nightclubs in the region are now required to keep a record of everyone entering while bars, clubs and restaurants can only have 12 people at a table.

In addition to logging personal details, nightclubs in Andalusia have other restrictions imposed by the Junta.

They are only allowed to operate at 40% of their capacity, standing at bars is not allowed and dancing has been banned. In addition, they must shut by 5am.

For pubs and bars, capacity has been reduced to 60% and a curfew of 3am has been imposed.

But these stricter measures have been contested by nightclub and bar owners.

The Andalusian Federation of Event Halls and Nightclubs told the Europa Press it fears this decision by the Junta will be financially detrimental to its owners.

The business owners claim only 6.2% of new Covid-19 cases “can be attributed to nightlife”.

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