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GRA engages with Microsoft, Google and Zoom on privacy safeguards

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The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA) is one of five data protection and privacy regulators who have engaged with leading video conference operators on concerns regarding teleconference privacy safeguards.
Microsoft, Cisco, Zoom, House Party and Google have all been contacted and invited to respond to the regulators in order to demonstrate the safeguarding features within their video teleconferencing offerings.
As it stands Microsoft, Cisco, Zoom and Google have all responded.
The GRA said: “The joint signatories thank these companies for engaging on this important matter and for acknowledging and responding to the concerns raised.”
“In their responses the companies highlighted various privacy and security best practices, measures, and tools that they advise are implemented or built-in to their video teleconferencing services.”
“The information provided by these companies is encouraging. It is a constructive foundation for further discussion on elements of the responses that the joint signatories feel would benefit from more clarity and additional supporting information.”
House Party is yet to respond to the regulators but has since been “strongly encouraged” to address the raised concerns.
The GRA has confirmed that it will now undertake further engagement with the video conference operators in which it will be seeking further privacy and security safeguarding details.
A detailed public statement is set to be released later in the year.

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