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GRGA get podium in inaugural Autumn competition in Ceuta

In a thrilling display of rhythmic gymnastics, the GRGA received an exclusive invitation from the Ceuta Rhythmic Gymnastics Club to partake in their inaugural Autumn Competition. This prestigious event garnered the affection of both gymnasts and coaches alike.
The talented ensemble of gymnasts left an indelible mark on the competition, delivering exceptional routines that underscored their unwavering commitment and remarkable skill in the sport.
Among the rising stars of the competition team, the youngest participants showcased their individual prowess in the Pre-Benjamin Pre-Copa Freehand Category. Lara Banbury secured the 3rd place, with Sophie-May Tart not far behind in 4th place, and Sofia Gallagher taking the 5th spot.
In the Pre-Copa Rope category, Sienna Mena and Alyse Lombard Leira each clinched 3rd place with rope and clubs, respectively. Together, they earned the bronze medal as a team.
Moving up to the Senior Pre-Copa division with the Hoop Apparatus, Lara Goulding gracefully claimed the 3rd place.
In the Junior Pre-Copa Hoop Category, Sienna Zarb soared to 2nd place, while Jasmine Vaughan elegantly secured 3rd place. Meanwhile, Faith Guilliano showcased her skills in the Junior Base Hoop Category, earning the respectable 5th position.
Transitioning to the Junior Base Ball Category, Nyah Galia showcased her talent with a 3rd-place finish, and Chanel Trinidad and Thea Cawthorn impressed with 4th and 5th place, respectively.
Nora El Ouazani demonstrated her expertise in the Senior Pre-Copa Rope Category, securing a remarkable 2nd place.
The Head Coach, Sally Holmes, expressed her profound satisfaction with the flawless execution of routines by the gymnasts. They are now diligently preparing for their upcoming competition in Wigan, UK, scheduled for November, ensuring that they maintain their rigorous training regimen in pursuit of excellence.

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