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GSD hits back on planning

The GSD Opposition has called the Government “dismissive of the hundreds of people” who have signed petitions and raised issues regarding development and planning.

The statement came as both parties recently exchanged words on the topic, with the GSD stating it is raising questions on behalf of “the concerned public.”

“It is a sad indictment of the Alliance Government that it sets out to belittle the public’s concerns, rather than address them,” said the GSD.

It also reminds the Government that it is the job of an effective opposition to bring to Parliament the concerns of the public.

“Reading their response you would imagine that they had not been in office for four years. Is it not time they changed their tune?” said the GSD.

It also asked if the Opposition and the people of Gibraltar are to hear the ‘blame the GSD chorus’ in defence of Government’s poor policy and decision making for another four years.

The GSD believe that the Government seems determined to sell land off with “unseemly haste and without a proper tender process”, calling it short-sighted and something that future generations will only regret.

It asked if the Government is so desperate for cash and it calls on the Government to accept that these planning decisions are being taken on their watch by a DPC on which two Government ministers sit.

“They have the responsibility to make decisions wisely and in accordance with the 2009 Development Plan. If they choose to ignore that guidance, then strong justification must be provided,” said the GSD.

It said that the Government has had over four years to amend it and has still not done so.

“Whether a new plan is to be produced, and this is the first we have heard about it, is irrelevant. A government should not ignore the work of previous administrations when it has no alternative, to do so would result in every plan having to be redrafted every time there is a change of administration, until the 2009 Development Plan is amended it should be adhered to,” the party added.

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