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GSLP slams ‘deceptive’ Leave leaflet

Chief Minister Fabian Picaro at the 'Stronger In' Headquarters (Library Image)

The Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party has condemned the misquoting of GSLP leader Fabian Picardo in leaflets distributed around Gibraltar by those campaigning to leave the European Union in Thursday's Referendum.?

“The deceptive and intentionally misleading leaflet is a deception too far,” the party said in a statement.

The GSLP said the Leave Campaign had selectively taken parts of sentences from various of Mr Picardo's addresses in respect of the referendum out of context.

The party said that selective quoting “mischievously destroys” the sense of the statements which the GSLP leader was making.

“The Leave Campaign has sunk to a new low,” said GSLP Chairman Pepe Baldachino.

“The position of the GSLP is completely clear: we back a vote to remain in the European Union.”  ?

“All political parties, the unions and the employer representative organisations are united on this issue.”

“Trying to pretend that the GSLP or Fabian Picardo are somehow equivocal on how people should vote next week is cheap and demonstrates that Leave have no arguments of their own to rely on.”

“The public will not allow itself to be confused. Everyone should be ready to go out to vote Remain on Thursday.” “That is the GSLP's clear and incontrovertible position and our recommendation. The Gibraltar vote is important and could be decisive if the vote throughout the United Kingdom is as tight as the polls suggest.”

“Every vote counts. Every Gibraltarian should do their duty and go out to vote Remain on Thursday and show the Leave campaign that we will not be duped by their unfair and intentionally confusing election material.”

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