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Guardia Civil arrests money laundering gang in the Campo

Guardia Civil officers have arrested a gang in the Campo de Gibraltar that allegedly laundered the proceeds of drug trafficking.
The group, described as “a family clan”, was based in Palmones and Los Barrios and its members openly displayed signs of wealth despite being insolvent.
According to the Guardia Civil, the gang funnelled cash from drug operations into a web of bank accounts and brass-plate companies, as well as mortgages and personal loans designed to hide the provenance of the money.
The gang rented luxury properties in the Campo and drove expensive cars, the Guardia Civil said in a statement, adding that one member had given his partner a 50,000 euro car and jewels.
Officers searched properties in San Roque and Algeciras and seized documents, telephones, seven luxury vehicles, jewels and five marijuana plants.
They also sought court orders to freeze 28 bank accounts, alleging that the amount of money laundered by the gang neared one million euros.
A total of 11 Spanish and Moroccan nationals were arrested.

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